Why Miss Snark is Ignoring You

Yes you.
You who sent me emails this week with questions.
The emails that never get answered.
Does Miss Snark not love you anymore?
Does Miss Snark not care about your problems?

well, no, and no.
Miss Snark is on a mission to Save the Synopsis.
No questions this week. NONE.
If you emailed me a question, or put it in the comments trail you're going to have to send it again next week.

I'm not reading them, saving the, keeping track of them.
The only good part about that is I'm also not keeping track of the nitwits who send them.

Oh, and that's all for tonight.
As you can see, I'm crabby.
And I've heard that Mr. Clooney is dating Lucy Liu which just drives me to drink.

I'm off to read about Raymond Chandler. I'm in the mood for noir.


Gabriele C. said...

How can he? I haven't even heard the name of Lucy Liu before. He should date someone with intelligence, snarky humour, and stiletto heels. :-)

M. G. Tarquini said...

Lucy Liu! Doesn't she know that Mr. Clooney is yours, yours, yours?

Have a good evening, Miss Snark. You are on a mission to save the synopsis, and, as is evident in this postings, yours is a great and mighty task, but it is not thankless.

We thank you and thank you and thank you. Someday we will get them figured out. We will get published and your name will be spread across acknowledgement pages from sea to sea and pole to pole.

Lucy Liu! Preposterous!

Douglas Hoffman said...

Lucy Liu! The man has no taste, or he's never seen Jacqueline Kim.

Or you, my dear.

Anonymous said...

Lucy and George.
Say it isn't so.

the green ray said...

Miss Snark, we do love you. Thanks for this synopsis thing. Although I haven't submitted mine, your comments have inspired me to go back and fix it - and it's much better now. I'm sending it out with pride! You are truly the tops.

Mags said...

Why would someone like George date Lucy Liu? (Because he can, of course.)

That just goes to show you that even gorgeous and intelligent men are dawgs at heart.

I understand copious amounts of gin will help one get over heartbreak.

Jude Hardin said...

Raymond Chandler rocks! What's the name of the biography? I'd like to get a copy.

Stephen D. Rogers said...

Just in case you're deleting all replies to your email, I'll take this opportunity to thank you again for responding to my synopsis. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Dhewco said...

Golly Gee, I didn't submit mine because I knew you didn't like scifi and fantasy. I didn't dare. Come to see, I'm apparently the only one who had that reservation.

BTW, the reason I held back was not because I doubted your ability to judge it...but because I thought it would be cruel to force you to endure synops that you'd reject in your agency.


Anonymous said...

Lucy Liu. I was all "aaaah! Ick!!" and then I looked it up and found out she's only 7 years younger than he is.