Word Count

I've just now realized that some synopsis rejected for exceeding the word count might be the victims of apostrophe fraud.

Some emails converted ' to , and my word count program thus counted don't, rendered as don,t as two words.

IF you got an email from me saying you exceeded the word count and were deleted, send your synopsis back. I'll look again.

I caught two, but if I missed you, I'll be glad to throw you back in the line up.


brainlesionssuck said...

I love what you're doing with everyone's work. I've stopped here first each day to check in and have not been let down!
kathie at housewifecafe.com

Dee said...

I'm curious, how many did you get...you're eyes must be crossing, and you're up to 40.

I'm learning a lot...

Bill Peschel said...

dee: she mentioned on 12/26 that 106 synopsis met the cut.

I was curious about how many she reads in a week, but a search made it clear that she doesn't like synopsis, preferring query letter and chapters instead.

In fact, on 8/30, she said:

I do about 100 queries a week in the office. I got 77 here in a day. If you read each of these queries you'll see how much time it takes to do so. That's another reason I don't do critiques, it would cut into my blogging time. Not to mention stalking Mr. Clooney time.