Hello Miss Snark,
I enjoy your witty take on the publishing industry and believe you'll have George Clooney someday, however the use of "yanno" is uh...not good. I understand not wanting to put "you know" because it's awfully sterile, but "yanno" reads like piano and that's even worse than you know, ya know?

No, I don't know, yanno.
You understand this is stylistic choice, right?
that I know "yanno" isn't like..IN the dictionary?
Know whut? Neither is Snark, sux, nitwittery or getafriggin' life here.

If Miss Snark offends your sensibilities, well, there's an easy choice here.
Or do you think we should install grammar filters so you don't get porn OR tawdry phraseology.

Get a grip.


Anonymous said...

I dunno, Miss Snark, this person needs to get a clue. Yanno?

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

I can't believe someone actually tried to correct Miss Snark. The GALL!

* handing this Nitwit-posing-as-a-snarkling a GRIP *

amelia said...

I appreciate stylistic choices. goodanya, miss snark.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I think we should nominate that poster as Nitwit of the month. That was a good one.

It should be listed under: How to win friends and influence Miss Snark!

Bless their li'l heart!

Bernita said...

Another one.

kitty said...

Sounds like a Kill Off Offensive Kwips kinda guy -- y'know?

Rick said...

Why am I reminded of the cartoon showing the NYC public library, with a sign saying "SHADDAP!"

Stacy said...

Some people have no sense of humour. Seriously. The part of their brain that allows them to see "yanno" written by a literate and perhaps literary person and appreciate the irony and just relax and chuckle doesn't work.

Sonarbabe said...

Or my personal favorite taken from my cartoon heroes at Looney Tunes, "Shut up, shutinn up!" That would qualify as well, me believes.

archer said...
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Lynn Raye Harris said...

Ha, sonarbabe, my husband says that one to me all the time! It's funny to see the reactions of people who aren't familiar with that particular Bugs Bunny toon because they can't believe he's saying it to me and I'm not getting mad. We laugh about it. It's usually code for I'm telling him something he already knows. :) Long live funny spellin's and vernacular!

Rei said...

Well, I hate to go against her Snarkiness, but I agree with the submitter. Not from a snooty, "lets all use proper grammar at all times" standpoint, but from a practical standpoint: I don't read "yanno" as "you know" or even "ya know". I read it as "yahn-no". "Yah" as in Yagi, Yakima, Yalta, yard, yarn, yawn, etc. And like in most words with double consonants at a syllable boundary, you tend to credit both syllables with one of the letters: annal, annex, annoy, annul, annum, etc.

Thus, "yanno" is pronounced "yahn-no", not "yuh-no" (ya know).

I have no problem with "sux", however. How else could you pronounce it?