Yes, Agents can be rude nitwits

Dearest Miss Snark,
You are just the most delightful companion to my Jack Daniels and cigarette at this late hour. (Sorry, I O.D.'d on gin in high school and lost my taste for it.) Here's something I witnessed once at a reading here in New York. An agent who was in the audience walked right up to the editor who was heading the reading - and started pitching one of her client's books right in the middle of everything. We just couldn't believe it! So an agent can be guilty of this kind of behavior too. Not that YOU would ever do this, well-mannered and charming as you are. By the way, that editor requested my material (at another time)and after six or seven months, has still not answered my emails or gotten back to me in any way. It seems that there can be rudeness from all ends, not just from us innocent, talented writers.

Very very true.
My comments are never intended to indicate nitwittery is limited to a specific person, or job. They exist everywhere, and in abundance. My comments, and this blog, are designed to make sure YOU are never in the nitwit category. So far, so good. Except for that cig thing.


Susanne said...

I write a newspaper column and am now determined to figure a way to use "nitwittery" in a column ... my new favorite non-word, word. Your blog never ceases to make me smile.

the green ray said...

Ha-hah! Well, I'm a writer - I have to smoke. But I limit it to 8 a day, all natural American Spirits. Colleen McCollough, with a condition that was causing blindness, aggravated by her smoking, said: "The words are in the cigarettes."

kitty said...

Nitwittery -- pithy without being foul. I love it!

My daughter was always inventing new words, like "bizark," which means to go berserk in a bizarre way. "Shrinkled" was another one of hers.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but green ray, the words are NOT in the cigarettes, even if it seems like they are. That story makes me sad, that she'd rather go blind.

Seriously, as someone who quit two months ago, I can promise you that your words are, in fact, in your mind, not in the smoky drags of cigarettes. In fact, I've found that my energy and productivity have increased substantially since I quit.

I know, I know, two months, that's not even that long. But still.

And for the record, I'm not one of those obnoxious former smokers who wants the whole world to quit with them (illegalize it!!). Just want to make sure you don't put your writing on the "con" side of quitting. That's all you, American Spirits have nothing to do with it.

Dee said...

Nitwittery: lint from humor, aka, "tongue in cheek" or "tongue in ear" or tongue in....whoops can't say that, can I?

love your blog...add me to your list of admirers.

PS to The Green Ray...Colleen McCollough was at my house as a friend of a guest many moons ago, before her break through book, when she lived in New Haven, CT. She was a character...talk about humor, most of it salty and earthy. Sorry to hear about her vision problem.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

My vice is M&Ms. I truly do write better when I'm eating them.

Anything to get words on the page, eh?

Harry Connolly said...

The problem with attaching an addiction to your writing process, or attaching any ritual to it, is that you may at some point have to give up the addiction. If that happens, your writing can go with it.

People should, as much as possible, divorce their bad habits from their writing.

Remodeling Repartee said...

Out here in PC-CA, (not my town; it's in the slice of Bible-belt in the middle of the state, and they are non-smoking for different reasons), those American Spirits are popular. Especially among folks who feel free to inspect my clothing labels to determine sweatshop of origin and critize my ownership of a car (not an SUV, a very small car).

It doesn't matter what you smoke, you're still smoking.

Congradulations to Miss Snark for putting her vices where her advice is; a gin-swilling, CHAINSMOKING, stilletto-wearing agent would belong to the list of character cliches she so succinctly described in a former post.

Of course, Killer Yapp blows it all to hell too.

Simon Haynes said...

My addiction is instant coffee. One day I realised I was drinking 8 or 9 cups from wakies to bye-byes (and it wasn't so much bye-byes as lying in the dark with eyes wide open and heart pounding)
So, I reduced it to 2 cups. Had a rough time of it, and don't feel any better ;-)