Another Failed Applicant for Nitwit Status

Dear Miss Snark,

I believe that I qualify for your coveted Nitwit of the Day award. Here's my situation.

It has been well over 3 months since I submitted to Agent A. Per her original guidelines, it states that response times for full manuscripts is 3 months (which would put the approx reply date at 1/8/06). However, with the holidays, I wanted to give her extra time. (today is the 19th...a big eleven days extra. try not to think of this as a lot ok?)

Well, today, I took the plunge and wrote a polite follow-up email, also offering to send a new SASE, since I'd been unaware of the then-pending postage increase at the time that I sent the material. (See? I send my SASE, darn it!) I clicked send and surfed over to her site to see if she has any news. Low and behold! She's changed the response time for full manuscripts from 3 months to 4 months!

Oy! So, to make a long story just a little longer, is it your professional opinion that I've totally blown my chances at having Agent A represent me and I am now public nitwit number one?

And why oh why do you think this qualifies you for Nitwit of the Day??
no no, you'll have to try MUCH harder to be in the running for that coveted honor.

First, despite all indications to the contrary, this is not a game of "gotcha". You did all the right things. She's changed her website to reflect the fact that she's behind on her reading.
You've offered a new SASE (which is really beyond the call of duty so it earns you further disqualification from nitwittery, sorry)

Give her another month. I'm behind too, I'm not sure exactly why but I can't seem to get caught up to save my life.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you, Miss Snark, for your insight and not thinking me a nitwit. You put my mind at ease!

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark,

Maybe you're spending too much time at the movies with sea creatures...:-)))

Anonymous said...

Dear-just checking on your query:
I paniced in the beginning as well, so I put together a simple three-ring binder. I made a table/spreadsheet that showed the editor/person to submit, company, address, telephone, website and email. Also included was pertinant info (response time, policies, pages, etc). Date/times and title/exclusive submittals and SASE's sent was all includedj. then When I queried, I have the copy of the submittal to put in the three-ring binder with a printout of their policies/guidelines. Then when they returned the postcard saying they received the submittal, I knew exactly how long to "count" according to their policies.
Hope this helped.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the advice, but my main concern was the fact I sent the follow-up email BEFORE I re-checked her site. Ssadly, until yesterday, I'd checked her site 2 or 3 times to see if there were changes to her reply times so this change was rather recent. My fear is that she's going to think me a nimrod for doing this. Oops. I guess I'll find out.