Clickety Flack

Dear Miss Snark

I just saw your updated submission policy on your blog. Keep us snarklings informed of how many people actually attempt to use the email. It will give the rest of us hope that there's more chance of submission with the morons swimming in the pool.

I've been told by the Official Snarkling Link Tester that the site actually exists, but in truth, I thought I made it up. (yes, Miss Snark Frey-ed herself).

I don't know how many people click it, but it would be fun to know, I agree.


McKoala said...

I was tempted to click on it just to see what finely-crafted Snarkisms would come flying back at me. But in the end I was just too plain scared to do it...

Shadow said...

I'm just jealous that I didn't snap up "wtf.com" as a domain name.

Carolyn B. said...

Miss Snark,

Like many of your readers, I enjoy seeing the creative riffs that people take on your blog's name. I think you need just a few more:

Snark of the Covenant (code of conduct for Snarklings)

Snark the Herald Angels Sing (when you're in the Christmas spirit later this year)

Loan snark (what you become when we try to hit you up for gin or other sippables)

Snarcotics (what we look for when the gin runs low)

Snarking up the wrong tree (what a commenter does when he get off point)

Snarkolepsy (involuntary snarkiness)

Snarking space (where Snarklings park their comments)

Snarcade (where Snarklings go to play)

Snarchangel (high-ranking Snarkling)

The Snarctic Region (what it feels like when Miss Snark gets frosty)

Snarking brake (when you bring someone to a screeching halt)

Snarcastic, snarcasm (a quality exhibited to nitwits)

Snarcophagus (where nitwits should be stored)

Snarking ticket (first warning to a near-nitwit)

Snarchaic (it's old news)

Snarcane (yanno, when we speak in obscure Snarkese)

Snarcheology (digging through previous postings of Miss Snark's to look for treasures)

Snarkplug (any comments or links promoting Miss Snark)

Snarkitecture (anything artfully designed and constructed)

Corn snarch (really, really corny comments like this one!)

Bonnie Calhoun said...

That's a great list, but you forgot one:

Snarkling water (what Killer Yapp leaves you when your too busy reading the blog to take him out!)

KillerYapp said...


Allene said...

Miss Snark,

I have a few questions.

1. How many of the authors you rep are unpublished, by percentage?

2. If you think a ms is wonderful but the author is unpublished, is this a strike against him/her when you make your decision as to whether or not to offer representation? Or is your decision based solely on the merit of the work?

3. And again in regards to unpublished authors, what percentage of their mss do you find impossible to sell? How does this compare to published authors?

Anonymous said...

I submitted this question because I was curious. I actually sent an email with testing in the subject header, expecting for it to come back as a wrong email, and therefore the only way to know that people had sent something would be when they complained to Miss Snark of an incorrect link, but it hasn't come back yet. Yes, it seems Misss Snark you have outsnarked yourself. Now I feel like writing again to find out who this email belongs to.

Anonymous said...

I hope the owners of wtf.com don't mind being spammed by y'all...

stay_c said...

You can check the outbound links. Check out mybloglog.com for more information. You need to add script to your site to track what links your visitors click on.