Miss Snark,

I'm reading suggestions on many sites that say a publicty photo sent along with your ms. can make the difference if the publishing committee is on the fence about buying your book.

I'm a former broadcaster and have been in front of the camera for years. Our resume and tapes are what landed us our jobs. Despite television being a very visual medium, sending an 8x10 glossy along with your resume and tape was considered the ultimate in tackiness. Though of course, there were always the fringe people who still suggested this to fledglings.

Is this the case in publishing? Tacky-no or Hoochymama-yes?I do recall one Sr. Ed showing off the back of a flap and pretty openly drooling over the male author they'd highlighted.Is this the case with some of these site?

I laugh and throw them away. IF I take on a client, and IF it's a plus to say "he looks like George Clooney" then I might advise someone to put a good pic on their website and tactfully let an editor know.

Include a headshot with a manuscript? Never.
I know these wags who toil in publishing. They'd have a LOT of fun with that photo and none of it's printable on this blog, and half of it's illegal in five states.

Save the glam photos for your local matchmaker.


Aphrodite the Flighty said...


Thanks, Miss Snark. We had lots of fun with some of those photos, too. It's amazing what you can do with a couple of Sharpie markers and a newsroom full of cynical journalists.

tee hee.

Sonarbabe said...

And this is why I hate cameras. lol I can see it now. The eidtor of some publishing house, looking at my ugly mug and snickering while wielding a purple Sharpie.

"Hey, Bob!"
"Don't you think this chick would look with a purple tooth?"
"Heh. Yup."

I'll pass, thanks. *wink*

Anonymous said...

What about with a non-fiction book proposal in the author bio section? Not a big 8 X 10 glossy, but a nice, smallish photo?

Inez said...

Lee Child, speaking to Sisters in Crime in LA, said he had yet to meet an unattractive person in California, and submit a head shot.
Maybe it worked for him?
I check out his jacket photo
and have palpitations--