Gin as tonic

I was sitting here, reading through the feed and the odd question crossed my mind.

How much gin does a Killer Yap Lap if a Killer Yap does lap gin?

Killer Yapp is on the wagon after that unfortunate incidinet with the Great Dane triplets in Central Park.

As a bonus, this sounded interesting:

Gin Gin Mule recipe

1/2 oz lime juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
6 mint sprigs
3/4 oz ginger beer
1 1/2 oz Bombay Sapphire gin
1 splash soda water

Muddle the lime juice, syrup and mint sprigs at the bottom of a mixing glass. Add gin and ginger beer and shake well. Pour over ice in a highball glass, top with soda and garnish with a wedge of lime.

Serve in: Highball Glass

gin with vegetation!
Have you timed how long that takes?
One of the many advantages of gin a la pail is that it's damn quick.
This is medicine girl, stat! stat!


Shawn said...

Killer Yapp is on the wagon after that unfortunate incidinet with the Great Dane triplets in Central Park.

1. Gin
2. Great Dane triplets
3. Central Park

LOL! I definitely gotta hear this story!

Anonymous said...

The civil settlement includes a gag order. You'll have to wait for my memoirs. I hear Nan Talese is looking for some.

Shawn said...

Roflmao! God you are priceless! I love you and Miss Snark very, very much. And that's not just the gin talking.

Keziah Hill said...

What's simple syrup?

Eva said...

Miss Snark,
You entertain yourself (and us) so well ("How much gin does a Killer Yap lap..."). You must be getting a lot of crap submitted to you.

How much crap can a Snarky agent zap if a Snarky agent can't lap crap?

Anonymous said...

That's nasty Eva.

Anonymous said...

Or should it be,
Or perhaps,

"How much slush
would a snarky agent flush
if a snarky agent could flush

BTW, simple syrup is plain sugar syrup.


Julie DuRose said...

Actually, simple syrup is sugar that's been dissolved in water. (This is best accomplished with in a saucepan with a little heat. It'll keep for weeks in the fridge.) If you just add the sugar, much will simply fall to the bottom of your glass and not be of much use.

(Before I wrote, I cooked for a living. Trust me; cooks know how to drink.)

Eva said...

Great improvement, Marissa!

McKoala said...

Gin and tonic for me. One block of ice, one thin slice of lemon or lime.