International Reply Coupons

Good morning, Miss Snark,
I read your comments about including a sae. What about International Reply Coupons? (for those of us who have the inconvenience of living abroad). My submissions still seem to end up in the bin (no replies) or 2 replies emailed. One magazine employee stuck the IRC to the outside of the envelope so I had to pay to retrieve it from the post office!

Guess how much I hate IRCs?
no, guess again...more.
You're close, but still not close enough.

IRCs mean you have to go to the post office. Then you stand in line.
Then the clerk is clueless, has to call the superviser and they still are clueless.

Suck it up. Buy a stamp.


Keziah Hill said...

Ordering stamps from the site Miss Snark provides is easy. That's what I do and I live in Australia. Never had a problem.

Anonymous said...

What about submissions to the UK? If there's a chance they hate IRCs as much....I'd love a source for purchasing UK stamps.

Dave Goodman said...

I buy stamps from the US Post Office website and get 'em mailed to me. 80 Cent ones seem to cover a standard SASE getting mailed back to the UK. For the UK, go here to buy your stamps.

Anonymous said...

No can't do 80 cents anymore. It's now 84 cents.

Sylvia Hubbard said...

I like your reply. Short and sweet! Keep it coming!

blueberri said...

I sent a full to Harlequin NEXT from the US to Canada and took the option of sending Harlequin a check so they could attach the postage when the time came. That was WAY easier. I only had to find out what their cost would be.

Pat J said...

I had no idea, though I should have, given that every time I've bought IRCs, the clerk would give me a funny look. Guess I'll have to buy some US postage.

Fortunately I only ever bought my IRCs two at a time, so I think I've only got one sitting in the folder, unused. And, apparently, unusable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Dave!

McKoala said...

I've been using IRCs to send short stories to the UK; it doesn't seem to be a problem. Everybody has replied one way or another - both rejections and sales.
However, I believe that the mags I send to get a lot of material from overseas and are used to IRCs.

Thank you for the web sites, I will use the stamps from now on - because I will do whatever I can do to make my contacts happy and increase my chances of selling my work.

Anonymous said...

I had to use an IRC for an agency in England (They wanted non native people to use the IRC for reply), and the first time I went the post office, the guy looked at me like he thought I was crazy and suggested putting money in the envelope with my query. Needless to say, I did not do that. I went back later when the smart guy was there.