Lather rinse repeat, lather read repeat

Hi Miss Snark

I was just wondering what happens in the Snark Sanctuary when a manuscript hits the right spot. So you immediately reach for the phone to call the lucky supplicant when you finish the first read through, or is it a more considered “I’ll put this to one side and see if it still grabs me in a week’s time”?

Well, I let Killer Yapp read it of course. He's caught more than one cat-astrope in the making.

You're exactly right about the let it sit. I learned the hard way not to reach for the phone till I'd let some time go by. I probably read 10 novels a month, and let one sit for another read. Usually I say no even then. It has to be something I just can't NOT take on...and how to quantify that, I do not know.

But, you can't worry about this. You can't even think about it. Just write. Write the best you can, then go back and write better with what you learned. Leave Miss Snark to her mutterings.


SAND STORM said...

I thought only KY had "Mutt"erings?

Anonymous said...

Gee, I guess one downside of your job is that you have to spend loads of time reading bad stuff. As a non-agent I can pretty much choose what I read.

Anonymous said...

and muttering you do