Linking to this blog

I hope you don't mind if I linked to you on my fledgling blog...everyone needs a little Miss Snark.

I get a few of these every week, and it's really very nice. It's absolutely ok to link to this blog (even if you do so cause you think I'm a total nitwit. )

I'll try to surf over for a visit, but I don't get to time to do that very often.


Laura GF said...

I was not so courteous as the featured linker -- I linked to you last Monday just because I love this blog so much. Even though I am a long way from needing an agent (I figure, get a good handle on the book first) your site is full of such wonderful information. Thank you for doing this.

Laura GF said...

Ahem. Here is the link. Meant to include it before:

Jackie Diamond Hyman said...

Although I'm a multi-published author with a terrific agent, I've linked to you because I'm listing sites helpful to writers.

Keep up the good work!
Jackie Diamond Hyman

lady t said...

I've been too shy to ask Miss Snark if I could set up a link so I'm glad that
she's given permission this way. Thank you,O Great and Powerful Snark:)