Miss Snark-Career Counselor

Good evening, Miss Snark.

I am neither asking for nor expecting minute details -- but did you start out your career wanting to be an agent (does anyone?), or did you have other things in mind?

Thanks, and have a great week.

When I began my career I didn't even know what an agent was. I'd seen vague references to people lending money to Fitzgerald and Hemingway but they all looked like boring old sticks and I wanted to dance in the fountain not sit in an office.

Repeated calls for bail money soon put a stop to the nekkid fountain dancing, and a stern conversation with Grandmother Snark about the lack of foliage on Arborus Dollorus, soon forced Miss Snark to invest in a smart black suit and attache case. Once she actually discovered that there are free books for those who work in the industry, she signed up for a lifetime cruise on the good ship Publishing.

There have been the occasional pirates who've tried to woo Miss Snark from her cruise ship but Killer Yapp fends them off with a cutlass --- and how he learned to drive the Cutlass, I'll never know.


Mac said...

My. God.

We can borrow money from our agents? (Notice how I cleverly zeroed right in on the practical advice so charmingly disguised in this nostalgic sort of a post.)

Who knew?

Unknown said...

A very elegant way of avoiding the real question, i.e. - did Miss Snark at one time see herself as next Dorothy Parker - or ??

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark,

I am curious what path one follows if one wishes to become an agent? I have asked several other agents this, and recieved a variety of answers: apprenticeship at an existing firm; a legal degree; 'living in New York and having lots of contacts'.

(There was a point in my life when I was wondering if I were better suited to agenting than writing. I have since determined 'No', but the curiousity about the career lingers.)