Miss Snark Gives Up Her Life of Crime

One question Miss Snark: how the hell do you get any work done? The great blog written in proper sentences with finite verbs, the interesting taste in beverages...It's beyond me. Yours (anyone's really) in admiration.

Sleep is for wussies.

Besides blogging is a GREAT break from dealing with the slush pile or other tensions of the work day. Being able to yap about something in print means I don't have to spend all that time in the hoosegow for heaving water balloons out the window. My bail bondsman, Myrtle the Turtle, feared I'd moved to Florida when I got this blog. She's kind of miffed actually; her income has dropped several percentage points. I think she's writing a memoir to recoup her costs. I hear James Frey might blurb it.


Voix said...

Miss Snark, I totally know the feeling. Blogging is not only great writing practice for the unwashed masses of grad students out there, it's a super-fun way to blow off some steam.

And a great reminder not to take one's own self too seriously.

And you sometimes get a fan club, even -- Miss Snark has Snarklings. How cool is that?

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite professors always said: "Anyone who sleeps more than four hours each night is bored."