Miss Snark hums some ZZ Top

Dear Miss Snark,

This smae thing has happened to me three times now and I'd love you opinion. Basically, I read my pieces at local reading series (sort of big timey things, at least as big timey as a reading series can be) and they're a big hit, and agents approach me to rep me. I meet with them, like them, and give them my collection of short stories. They "love them," and then we meet some more and what not, and then NOTHING. I'll email and say, "so, just wondering where we're at," and then nada. No response. And these are well respected agents, at least from what my research tells me, with sales and everything.

I'll email and email. One time, I'd say shit-ass agent, but three times? Am I just not agressive enough? Should I email them and be like "why drop the ball like that?" I don't smell, I meet deadlines, I'm easy to work with, have all my teeth, etc.

What gives?

Well, first of all, this isn't a joke right?
Cause I gotta tell you, the last time I went to a reading to sign up an author was never.
And I never tell people at readings I'm an agent cause the next you know they're sending you stuff.

And signing up a collection of short stories from a reading? Uhh...this sounds very very fishy.

If you email me the name of the reading series and the names of the agents, I'll consider it again, but from this information alone, I feel tugging on my stiletto heel.

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