Miss Snark is in Awe

Miss Snark,

Like many of your readers, I enjoy seeing the creative riffs that people take on your blog's name. I think you need just a few more:

Snark of the Covenant (code of conduct for Snarklings)

Snark the Herald Angels Sing (when you're in the Christmas spirit later this year)

Loan snark (what you become when we try to hit you up for gin or other sippables)

Snarcotics (what we look for when the gin runs low)

Snarking up the wrong tree (what a commenter does when he get off point)

Snarkolepsy (involuntary snarkiness)

Snarking space (where Snarklings park their comments)

Snarcade (where Snarklings go to play)

Snarchangel (high-ranking Snarkling)

The Snarctic Region (what it feels like when Miss Snark gets frosty)

Snarking brake (when you bring someone to a screeching halt)

Snarcastic, snarcasm (a quality exhibited to nitwits)

Snarcophagus (where nitwits should be stored)

Snarking ticket (first warning to a near-nitwit)

Snarchaic (it's old news)

Snarcane (yanno, when we speak in obscure Snarkese)

Snarcheology (digging through previous postings of Miss Snark's to look for treasures)

Snarkplug (any comments or links promoting Miss Snark)

Snarkitecture (anything artfully designed and constructed)

Corn snarch (really, really corny comments like this one!)

Miss Snark is quite pleased.
Snark On!


Problem Child said...

I'm not sure if I'm in awe or very, very afraid...

Here's to living in the Snark Ages!

Remodeling Repartee said...


Of course, just got back from the dogSnark; it's rumored KY frequents.

Anonymous said...

My fave's "Snarkolepsy".

Just wish I could get away with some at work...

Sonarbabe said...

I agree with anon. I love "Snarkolepsy". Genius. Gotta love truly creative snarklings.

Jarsto said...

Like everyone else I love this, it gave me a good laugh this morning. And, of course, every word of it is utterly true.

Squally said...

My favorite is "snarcheology." Thanks for some fine chuckles on a grey day!

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

I Love Snarcastic!