Miss Snark Just Might!

Miss Snark rocks the most. I can only imagine how much work that was for you, and I hope your inbox is giving you a sense of how many people were helped by it.

Possibly you should do a haiku crapometer next. At least they'd be shorter.

some good some messy
some sucked less than they could have
all edifying

Yanno....I like it!!


Audiate said...

Hey, that WAS a really good haiku, and I usually hate them!

Anonymous said...

January's sky
is less gray now that Miss Snark
is again posting

Glad you're back! :)

McKoala said...

How about doing first lines/first paras only? Not so much reading!

Only when the crapometer is fully recovered, of course. I'm thinking six months on a sun lounger in Fiji.