Miss Snark's cloak

You admit people who read this blog have submitted to your agency. Perhaps even current clients read this blog. But do they know they are clients of the agency employing Miss Snark (or perhaps of the lady herself)? Has someone (current client of you/agency or seeking) figured out who you are and specifically contacted you about it? Would you confirm it?

While I'm sure there are several smart literary agents in New York who have dogs, even poodles perhaps, how many would lay claim to all that is Miss Snark?

No one would dare.
Miss Snark would be forced to eviscerate them with fervor.

Several people in publishing know Miss Snark's workaday self. Clever little beasts figured it out and plied her with enough liquor to loosen her tongue. That came in handy when Miss Snark was interviewed about the James Frey mess and naturally enough, asked to verify she was indeed an agent.

Those few people who do know have so far not demanded hush money, but the year is young.


Anonymous said...

Cynthia writes:

Miss Snark, those in the know wouldn't dare spill the beans.

For one, it would ruin the mystery and the blog's appeal.

Second, Killer Yapp would live up to his name and, ahem, handle those with loose lips, he and his back-up Ninja Poodle Squad ... he does have one, right? I know his type: very sophisticated ... but has the potential to be ruthless under that erudite exterior!

In fact, he introduces himself with an understated, "Yapp. Killer Yapp."

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Oh, I don't want to know who Snarky is. What if Snarky was that really rude agent that sent a rejection to Mr. de Vienne. You just know that he didn't read what I sent ... unless he has an uncle Rachael and confused me with him. Or what if she was that agent I teased unmercifully over sending three rejections for the same submission. Ok so I wasn't that unmerciful. It was a bit funny.

I just don't wish to know. I like Snarky as she is: The mystery woman running around the reservoir with that yappy dangerous looking dog that is probably really a q'ta beast in disguise. Very dangerous. Very mysterious. And fun

Alphabeter said...

I merely want to write an aweseome book that becomes such a good seller that it interests George Clooney, who options it for a movie and invites me to the set.

Thanks for pulling my question out of the comments and answering Miss Snark.

And no, I don't want to know who you are, I like the mystery. Especially if you're looking at some of my stuff!