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Miss Snark:
just to clarify about authors and the BEA (yes, hit with with a clue stick if you wish!): I have a book coming out next week with a NY house--I made a commitment for the weekend of the BEA this year--should I click my heels, forget the BEA, enjoy my weekend, and continue writing and flaking the new book that's come out?

If I get your drift, it's my agent who should be there, working her list, and yes, talking about my book if the opportunity presents itself?

You got it. Your agent will be merrily selling your book to Andorra through Zoroastria while you are off lollygagging about in the sunshine. Enjoy it. There are other places where your presence will be the one needed but BEA isn't it.

BEA is a zoo. The regional bookseller trade shows are MUCH more efficient and inexpensive places to meet booksellers. I'm a huge fan of the regionals and haunt them regularly.


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. In praising the regional trade shows, and admitting you sometimes attend, you may have encouraged more flies to come to less well-known picnincs. Authors, please don't bother the book reps with manuscripts and queries. These are the locally-based (i.e. not home office) sales people who use the regional shows to connect with booksellers whom they don't/can't see often enough. These are "working" and "order-writing" shows to a far greater degree than BookExpo, and the focus is on getting books into bookstores so they can sell and makes lots of money for Miss Snark and her authors.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Miss Snark, for answering my Q. Your blog is more helpful than you know!