New Rule for Asking Questions

Gday Miss Snark

Is it true that only women buy novels, and that in even traditionally male genres like space opera have to be pitched in terms of their relationships problems, or is this just an artefact of the reality that male editors a are thin on the ground.

I figure men are still reading novels and such but that they are downloading e-book versions of their favourite authors over peer-to- peer file sharing networks.

Is that fact that women are the only ones buying novels mean that the end of publishing book is nigh? How long before they download them too?

The book won't disappear but publishing might? Should I worry about all of this or just release my novel on p2p directly and fail that
way instead.

Miss Snark, what does the future hold? What does your circle of contacts think about this?

My contact is circling the computer thinking aliens have arrived.
He's hoping they brought biscuits.

New rule: One question per email.
And that question has to be coherent.


Anonymous said...

Yes, only women buy print books, and only men read books online. I've personally never seen a man in a Barnes and Noble, or reading a paperback (horror, science fiction, crime, thrillers, Harry Potter, Freakonomics, James frickin' Frey) in a subway, and those female-focused epublishers (like Ellora's Cave) are total failures.

Every time you think you've heard it all, someone raises the bar of nitwittery.

Elektra said...

The most helpful (and obviously well-read) person in our local bookstore is a guy. I always try to go to him, because it doesn't matter the genre; he knows the title, author, and exactly where it is. I don't know him personally, but it's pretty safe bet that part of his paycheck doesn't leave the store.
And all those male authors you see? Illiterate, every one of them. They have secret stenographers and grammatists in their basement, to help with the writing process, because God knows they've never picked up a book themselves.

Rick said...

Yeah, whenever I pick up a book with a space battle on the cover, I always a) feel like a traitor to my sex, and b) know that the book will really be a deep emotional examination of the commander's relationship problems.

Anonymous said...

I'd better go tell my husband he shouldn't be buying books. (I certainly don't want to go home and find I'm married to a woman).

This is great! I'm going save a whole lot of $$ on the books he buys...

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

So, asking if the publishers of adult fiction ever publish children's books and pick the dust jackets for classics with old pictures they found in some museum and converted to their own use is both illegal and unethical and the pictures naked but not nearly so and on tuesday is not allowed?

I just want to be clear about this.

Pixel Faerie said...

My hubby buys books. I have guy friends who buy books. Harry Potter... Stephen King... a lot of different things.

Guys read books. If only if I could get my kid interested in reading. (He only likes those interactive pop up ones. -.- )

Does Miss Snark have a cure for a kid who can't sit still to read a book?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

A kid sit still to read a book? When? You ever watch my 11 year old daughter read? Oh, of course you haven't.

Well, she migrates as she reads. First she sits in her favorate chair. Next, she's on the floor; later she may be walking and trying to read. If she's doing this, she usually has a snack in her hand.

Kids wiggle. Finding something they will read, and getting them to enlarge their reading interests is the real problem. There is something out there besides Nancy Drew, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Star Wars. Honest there is. Just not in my daughter's eyes.

Elektra said...

Pixel, when I was a kid I was diagnosed with severe ADD, which basically meant that I couldn't (and can't) sit still for much of anything. But reading was still a huge part of my life. Just make sure to start your kid on very short, VERY fast-paced, action-filled books (ever tried the Animorphs?) that can basically be finished in one short sitting.

Anonymous said...

Crap. And all this time I thought I was a dude...you're telling me I'm a chick?

Carter said...

Miss Snark, please come clean on this. Do men actually buy novels?

This is important to me. My book-buying dress is getting a little threadbare. Besides, those pantyhose itch like the dickens!

Anonymous said...

Yeah right! Those are the worst stereotypes I know of. Fact is males read print books. (I'm a living example) Besides, there's male authors and all good authors read.

And there's enough women embracing technolody and reading e-books. The fact not many of them do is probably because they know how tiring it is to your eyes. Statistically, men spend more time in front of a computer in their free time, so it makes sense if more of them read e-books, but neither of those stereotypical ideas is the norm.