Outline AND synopsis is overkill

I have been asked for an outline, synopsis, and first 50 pages. No specific comments on the outline length. Checked various sources but still uncertain on how long an outline should be if not specified by agent. In your opinion 1 - 2 pages?

An outline and a synopsis both? This agent must moonlight as a whip wielding sadist. Yikes.

1-2 pages is about right.

Outlines really make me want to punctuate an artery. Someone else's of course, but punctuate none the less.


McKoala said...

Could be setting myself up for nitwittery here, but I prefer to think of it as ignorance.

What are the significant differences between an outline of this length and a synopsis?

M. G. Tarquini said...

I'll set myself up to take the nitwit fall with you, mckoala, by asking what the difference is between and outline and a synopsis in a work of fiction.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Okay, my questions sounds just like yours. I didn't mean it to. What I mean is that I thought a synopsis IS the outline for a fiction work.

I'll be nitwit of the day. I've won awards just as dubious.

Miss Snark said...

1. An outline is in outline format
a. there are headings
b. There are subheadings

2. An outline doesn't have a complete sentence anywhere
a. especially not in sub headings

3. A synopsis is a story in abbreviated form.

Get it?

For good synopsis examples see the crapometer 1-99.

For a good outline..well...I hate them so I have no idea what one looks like.

McKoala said...

hee, hee, hi m.g. glad to have you on board.

Thanks Miss Snark. Sounds like a science document. Nothing makes my blood run colder, unless it be math/s.

M. G. Tarquini said...

I failed inorganic chemistry. Better I stick to synopses. Thanks Miss Snark.

McKoala, always happy to share the nitwit boat.

Anonymous said...

I composed the outline although I am now suffering from Outline-Tosis.

It was almost enough to make me ignore the request. Almost.

Not in a position to do that at this point.