Pitching woo...or manuscripts.

Gday Miss Snark

We are planning to enter this pitching competition at the SF convention Conjure, to be held in Brisbane, Australia this year.

Could you share you views on whether to pitch the book or the trilogy, considering how integrated the later books are to the apparent wholly contained first book?

Does one mention it is a wholly planned series?

What should we avoid in this situtaiton?

G'day indeed. A quick glance at the rules showed that you have a VERY limited amount of time and words to present your idea. Don't waste it talking about anything other than THIS book. Focus! If they don't want this; they don't want a trilogy.

If you are going to be talking to the agent, I'd suggest practicing what you say. Make it a story. Time yourself. Two minutes tops. Start with something fun; don't apologize for your work either in words (I'm really nervous, I'm not quite ready; this is my first time) or in posture.

Treat it like a job interview.
Then treat yourself to a gin.

Snark on the barbie....wait that came out wrong.


meika said...

...so, that gin has to be neat?

Simon Haynes said...

I'm going to Conjure myself, and I'm looking forward to watching this unfold. Best of luck to all who enter ;-)
(For Miss Snark: Stephanie Smith is the senior editor at HarperCollins Voyager, who publish a line of Aussie SF and Fantasy. It's a hell of an opportunity to pitch a book.)