Snarkling Anthem!!!!

Miss Snark, Thanks for your heroic effort of the past week.

The Snarklings' Anthem:

With a slosh and a clank of our pails full of gin,
Let the song of the satisfied Snarklings begin!
Synopses in shreds at our feet like confetti,
We cower before the steelplated stilletti.
Yet our mistress is merciful, gentle and kind.
When she tells us it sux, well, we really don't mind.
She is helping us learn all the tricks that it takes
To avoid making horrible nitwit mistakes.
So all hail to Miss Snark, let our praises ring clear,
And we wish her a prosperous, happy New Year!
(And a note on the side to that rogue, Mr. Clooney
If you don't see her worth, then you're really a looney!)



Miss Snark is blowing her pitch pipe and preparing to sing along.
Thank you!!


Mindy Tarquini said...

You know, it's actually kinda weird isn't it? You tell us it sucks and we say thank you and beg for more. I mean, what other PG-13 or less activity could anybody engage in and get that reaction?

PN, whoever you are - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

As well she should be---this is excellent.

Jillian said...

That's extremely well-written verse! It's hard to find poetic talent like that these days.

McKoala said...

Bow down to Miss S and PN.

Carter said...

We're not worthy!