That thump you hear is Miss Snark's head on the monitor

In my query letter, should I say that I wrote the book in 3 months to indicate that I believe I can churn future crap out as quickly? Or should I not leave myself open to the inevitable: spend more time on it so it's better crap?



mysterygirl said...

Please, tell me this is a joke. PLEASE!

M. G. Tarquini said...

I vote for...


If it's not. Don't tell me. Let me believe it's a joke.


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I dangle all words ending in ing
just to torment editors and agents.

I write in haste
And thank God for cut and paste.
I can't be late for my napping.

I really don't write to be published;
Only to torment those to whom I'm submitting.

Yet, I jump up and down
(and put on my best frown)
when my work is rejected.

I can't find a good rhyme
with which to finish this thing;
So now I'm kinda dejected.

Insta Poem by Rachael – Ok, what do you expect from me? It's the wee hours of the morning. Besides, I never promised you good poetry.

December Quinn said...

"I know! I'll write a romance/SFF/insert genre here. It'll be published right away, of course, because they'll publish anything and those books are all crap anyway.

"Should I let them know I can churn out this garbage fast? Because everyone knows that's what really matters in genre fiction. I think it's awful, but the people who actually read that stuff don't know any better. What an easy shortcut to publishing!"

Lynn Raye Harris said...

ROFL, December. Ain't it the truth though? I have heard this line of thinking more than once and it always irritates me. I tell them to go for it. :)