These Synopses questions will not die!

Miss Snark,

I am researching agents and requirements as I prepare to submit my novel. Several times I have come across the following line regarding synopsis "Please submit a short synopsis."

Is a short synopsis 250 words or less, 500 or less, 1000 or less or simply 2 pages instead of 3? Any clarification on this would be appreciated.

A short synopsis is two words.
oh wait, that's just MY preference.

Two or three pages, 1000 words or less.
Some people submit tomes that are just an index of events. "Short" is more like a prayer that you don't have more synopsis pages than sample pages in your query.


Anonymous said...

As my high school teacher taught us, "Short enough to cover the subject, long enough to be interesting."

Simon Haynes said...

A short synopsis is two words.

Nah, it's three.


Anonymous said...

I met an agent once who told me: "You get a lot of extra points from me if it works like this: Query letter, one page. Synopsis, one page."

(She also added, "And don't get there by tiny fonts or squinched margins!")

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I ran across the "short" synopsis phrase with the agents that accept e-mail submissions.

I'm concise, however, synopsis not down to two words yet!

Cynthia Bronco said...

The 2005 Guide to Literary Agents (Writer's Digest) suggests one page of synopsis for every 25 pages of book. Ack!
I've done four verions of my synopsis so far. They range from 1 paragraph to three pages.