This idea..stinks!!

Will knowing I cannot help market kill the sale? While I am certainly willing to do anything in my power, if and when the time comes, to help market my work, I am terrifed of doing public appearances - not because I'm afraid of doing readings or shaking hands, but because I am quite violently allergic to most perfumes. I end up with brutal migraine headaches that render me quite useless.

I suspect insisting that all signings, readings and other appearances be advertised as "fragrance-free" will not win me much admiration from either agents or publishers. Margaret Atwood has the right idea with her autograph robot machine.

There is a long thread on this in the snarkives, probably in July or early August. It's entirely possible to not do readings or public events and still help promote your book. It's not my first choice, but yanno...that's life.

I kinda like the idea of those book readings having an olfactory pat down though.


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Thank you for answering this question! I have health problems that would keep me from public appearances.

Also, there are a few who know me as a serious (Hey! I can be serious, sometimes) researcher into 19th Century Premillennialism. They would, in the depths of their conservative religious hearts, not see me as the Chronicler of Pixie Life. Nope, they sure wouldn't. I'm sure the trouble free cooperation I receive now would evaporate.

So, I've been stressing about this stuff, even though I know in my heart of hearts that I'm an illiterate no-talent who'll never be published. Sigh.

Oh, can Bill E. Goat post on Yapp's blog? He wants to know..

Anonymous said...

Allergies, fear of crowds, whatever is between a writer and the public can be mitigated by other venues. I've sent bookmarks/fliers etc. to indie bookstores, taken out ads in magazines, and oh-hey, there's the website where numberless fans may ask for a signed anything and I'll send it.

I DO stop short of autographed pics of myself as seen on another writer's website. Apparently she had a warped idea of the true meaning of being a literary celebrity. There ain't a whole lot of it for a mid-list, and none at all for neos. One writer--wisely bracing for the day her book hit the racks thus plunging her into instant fame--consulted me on the need for going about disguised in public. I was all for it, providing I could watch from a safe distance. She didn't like my suggestion of wearing an Elvis costume, though.

Remodeling Repartee said...

On this vein, what does Miss Snark think of pseudonymns? I think we've been here before; and you've said not to worry about a bulky or unusual last name. But what if the author wants a little distance from her private persona; and will be an LLC herself, so the issue of checks will already be confusing.

Or these days, with the level of publicity required, is "distance from a private persona" impossible?