This is a joke, right?

Dear MS,

I am a writer just beginning to really put it into manuscript form.

How can I get an agent and at what point do I need to do that?

Would you like to read a sample of my work?



Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Snark,
I have an idea that might possibly be great once I get off my tush and write in, in about 10 years. Inerested in a sample?


Too funny

Anonymous said...

Q: I am a writer just beginning to really put it into manuscript form...Would you like to read a sample of my work?

A: We just did.

Jena said...

I was at a writing retreat once where all participants were invited to do a 5-minute reading from their novel-in-progress. One guy got up and talked about the plot of his book. Amount written? Not a single page.


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Feeding the Goats led to this conversation:

Bill E. Goat: Mistress, I have a yearning to write.

Me: The only thing on your mind is head-butting and sex.

Bill E: No, seriously, I wish to write.

Me: (Looking askance) You can't even hold a pen and I've seen what happens to a computer when you use it. My lap top still smells funny. And no one could understand anything you typed.

Bill E: I'll dictate. You write it down.

Me: So, this book will be about?

Bill E: Well, I had in mind an erotic mystery about a dashing well endowed buck who – stop giggling, will you? – who rescues a doe who's held captive in the Casbah. What is a Casbah any way?

Me: It's in . . .

Bill E: Doesn't matter though, does it? I mean it has a nice sound. Baaaaaaa

Me: So, who's going to publish this? I'm not sure . . .

Bill E: You could send it to that Miss Snark for me. She'd read it. I know she would. Look at my credentials.

Me: I've seen them, they're small.

Bill E: Not Those! I'm an expert at all things Goat, especially rescuing Goat-Damsels in distress. Besides everyone likes the story about my great great grandfather and his two brothers.

Me: Oh, yes. The three . . .

Bill E: Billy Goats Gruff.

Me: Your name's not Gruff. It's Goat.

Bill E: So it's my mom's side of the family. Will Snark read it?

Me: Certainly. You write it. We'll send it. Have some more sweet corn?

Miss Snark said...

Talk about a manuscript in grough form.