Time to vote on the Crapometer Entries!!--NOW CLOSED

A Snarkling reminded me that it's time to vote on the synopsis entries!

Vote is by email ONLY, and designation is by Crapometer NUMBER only.
Email misssnark @ earthlink. net (no spaces)
Votes in the comment column will NOT be tallied.

Contest opens NOW (Sat 9am) and runs through midnight Monday 1/9/06.

Here are the categories.

1. Most helpful synopsis (and 25 words or less about WHY)

2. Synopsis that made me want to read the book

3. Synopsis that made you want to read a book in a category you normally wouldn't

4. Most helpful comments

5. Best "coffee through the nose" comment (include synopsis number and comment)

I've avoided categories like "worst" and "bizarre" figuring people accepted my comments with grace the first time; why risk poking everyone a second time.

There's a back log of questions in my email box which I will be getting to.

Update: voting closed, results pending. Abacus Snark has been called in for tallying.


M. G. Tarquini said...

I've avoided categories like "worst" and "bizarre" figuring people accepted my comments with grace the first time; why risk poking everyone a second time.

Thank G*d! I mean, that'd be a weird credential to stick in my query letter:

"The synopsis for this work was voted, 'Most Crappy' by Miss Snark's Snarklings.

Anonymous said...

It's demarcation. Only Miss Snark is allowed to snark!

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I was thinking about this last night. (Yes, my head still hurts from the effort.) I am certain I would win the "averagly bad" category if there was one.

Ok picky. I know "averagly" isn't a word. Geeeze Looeeezeeee. . .

I'm still grateful to Snarkie for allowing me to submit and to see other examples. Nothing like free education.

In time, I'll learn to write better than Jessie Fothergill.

Dear God! I hope so:

"I did not mean to be foolishly sentimental. The sigh that followed my words was involuntary.
"'So you are. but I suppose you like it?'
"'Like it? What can make you think so?'" -- From Fothergill's The First Violin.

Poor woman. Averagly bad. Like me. But at least she was published. I'm looking for a new role model. I think I'll try R. A. I Walling next.

domynoe said...

Completely off topic, but Miss Snark now has a fan listing! You can find it here:


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Oh, my...

Snarkie groupies? Snark fans? Sarklings?

What does Yap think of this? Is he jealous? I'm certain other agents are jealous!

Snarkie is cooler than a banana split and more fun than a chocolate bar.

pinch said...

On the article about JT Leroy in the NY Times. It seems that all the while JT Leroy's agent Ira Silverberg never knew that his client was not who he/she was and that he/she was lying about having AIDs and making friends with those sympathetic celebrities?
I would have thought agents would have been a little less clueless.
Miss Snark, that's the one thing in the whole affair that puzzles.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

For the new snarklings, who have just come on board, Miss Snark has her own fan map over on Frappr! go sign up and let your position in the world be known! It's now got 190 memebers!


Charlie (Colorado) said...

Um, Miss Snark, it's only 10PM Monday the 9th as I type tghis.

Miss Snark said...

midnight monday is 00:00 hour. You are currently at 22:00 hours. Thus the deadline is 22 hours past.
Midnight STARTS the day, doesn't finish it.

You'd think Miss Snark was Sgt. Snark now wouldn't you?

Charlie (Colorado) said...

Midnight marks both the start and the end of each day in civil time throughout the world. Since, therefore, two midnights are associated with each day, conventions are needed to distinguish between them.Midnight.

Seriously, I really did have it on my list to hit this stuff today, since the deadline was midnight tonight.

And yes, I am the sort of person who schedules things on his to do list like that. I put my pencils all in a row too.