When You are the Favee not the Favor

Dear Miss Snark,

I am a freelance magazine writer and my new hubby has just written his first novel. (He has an MFA in poetry, and yes, a "day job.") Naturally, I think it's brilliant.

A former writing teacher of mine has heard of his reputation as a writer -- they attended the same MFA program, though not at the same time -- but has never read his fiction. She has offered to "introduce" my hubby's novel to her agent. (She has published many wonderful nonfiction books.) Is this a good go? (1)

Are my husband's chances any better with an introduction from a successful client?

Am I just being an annoyance to take up my former teacher on this offer?

How should we proceed?

Will we embarrass ourselves by inviting the former teacher over for a lavish dinner of lamb and Bordeaux??

I mean, I want to follow all of our options, and I want her to know how much it's appreciated. (And I LOVE dining with fellow writers!) But I don't want it to look as if I think it's quid pro quo, or that it's not simply about the writing.

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. No

4. Ask the writing teacher what to do. Normally my clients give me a heads up that something is coming that they like from a friend/colleague. The friend sends the ms with a cover letter that references my client.

5. No, but out to a restaurant is better. Entertaining at home is for personal friends. This is a biz dinner. (or maybe it's done differently outside the 212 cause you have more space. I'd no more let a colleague in this place than I would saute KY for dinner) (KY-damm straight, Miss Snark)


Julie Du. said...

What if I used to be a professional chef and my cooking is better than any local restaurants?? (I'm not in a big fancy city.)

McKoala said...

Julie, I'm free Friday; can I come round for tea?

antfarm said...

lol mckoala

Julie Du. said...

That depends, mckoala...you gonna help my hubby get a book published:)

McKoala said...

Not until mine is!