Where is James Frey's Agent?

What do you think the Frey scandal will mean for his agent, Kassie Evashevski?

Has anyone seen or heard from her? You can bet she's collecting her 15% on all this (or Brillstein/Grey is, she works there).

Naturally enough it's Frey's agent I have the most questions for:

1. when did MLP become a memoir not a novel?
2. did you pitch the same editors on the novel that you did you on the memoir?
3. when you called Frey "authentic" had you actually read the 'memoir'?
4. who ducked the bullet? who underbid Sean McDonald?
5. since you mostly work in films, had anyone ever explained the difference between memoir which is "non fiction" and novels which are "fiction"?
6. Are you writing your memoirs about this? Can I fact check them for you?


Rhonda Helms said...

GOOD questions. I'd be interested in seeing those answered, as well...

Existential Man said...

alas, (as agents love to say), we don't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever seeing them answered.

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

I was wondering where she was while Frey was squirming on the hotseat on Oprah's show!

Feisty said...

I'll bet said agent is off shopping at Bergdorf's. What with all that money, wouldn't you?

Maybe she told Frey that he was on his own. It's interesting that her name hasn't popped up a lot in this debaucle.

Anonymous said...

She's spending her time watching the money roll in for My Friend Leonard, which so far seems to have escaped notice and deconstruction, although one might imagine it to be even more fictitious, unless you're willing to assume a Mafioso was glad to let a lying and manipulative fraud into his inner circle.

Existential Man said...

yes, anon, you are touching on what I think may very will be the next juicy segment in this pathetic drama of a sociopath>>
My Goodfellow Leonard will turn out to be totally fabricated as well.

When I call this prick as sociopath, what do i mean? I mean this: he has no conscience, no ability to honestly feel guilt, shame and regret over his lies and deception.

You notice he still thinks he's really done nothing wrong? You notice he still hasen't unequivocally apologized and doesn't seem in the least remorseful? THAT, folks, is how a sociopath behaves. He loves the attention and knows being called names can't really hurt him...because, even as a scorned and disrespected piece of crap, he is far, far ahead of the piss-poor, in-the-gutter life as an addict he was living ten years ago.

And don't think for a minute this schmuck doesn't giggle to himself that he was able to gain the confidence of the big and powerful Oprah and then pull one over on her...he even intimated to her he might kill himself in a passing remark she made at the end of the show ("you asked if there was a gun backstage") and Oprah told him it wasn't "that bad."
Perhaps he could use some of the dough to get himself back into real treatment.