Why Miss Snark is a Space Cadet

Dear Miss Snark,

I've been searching for agents who represent my kind of fiction and agencies with lists I'd like to read. I've looked at several dozen agents and have sent out a total of eight queries, one query per agent, one agent per agency, only to those who accept sim-subs. I've spent a lot of time personalizing my query letters to reflect that.

No mass-mailings, no carpet-bombing, no letter that begins "Dear Agent."

Today, while adding an agent to my spreadsheet, I notice that two of the agencies are located on the same floor of a building. Two other agencies occupy the same suite! Note: these agencies are legitimate--not the shingles of some preditor & editor evil person.

Did I just earn the nitwit label for querying different agents in different agencies who, for whatever reason, share office space? (no, but you are eligible to try again in 24 hours)

With NYC office space as tight as it is, I guess I shouldn't be surprised at office-sharing. But, okay, I kinda am.

ok then. Stand up from your computer. Go into your living room. Mark off ten feet. Turn left. Mark off five feet. Turn left, mark off ten feet, turn left, mark off five feet. Look up ten feet.

Thats 50 square feet, 500 cubic feet. Small? That's the biggest office here.

Now, write me a check for $600. Every month.
Oh, and pay your Verizon bill too.

That's what we pay for space here. You bet we cram our offices on one floor, and in many cases in the same suite. For starters it makes sense on the durable goods expenditures like copy machines, and desks. It makes a lot of sense to be able to buy paper, ink cartrides and gin in bulk. And one clerical person can be shared by several agents.

It makes sense to have people around you so you can tap their knowledge base too.

This is absolutely the norm. And yes, they are all separate agencies. I want to split costs, and share information, NOT income!


Unknown said...

Does Miss Snark share office space?

Lord knows, at my agency, we sit on each other's shoulders (our computers stacked one on top of the other)...

what a town, right?

Sylvia Hubbard said...

Detroiter's are much too selfish for that, LOL. But they could learn a two about penny saving from New Yorkers.