You stink, get lost

Dear Miss Snark,

You've said you sometimes have to get rid of clients who aren't selling. What should the poor abandoned client think about this?

1. Miss Snark hates me.
2. My work is crap.
3. But Miss Snark thought she could sell it, so maybe Miss Snark doesn't know the market very well.
4. Or maybe Miss Snark isn't a very good agent.
5. I should try to get another agent.

well, when Miss Snark "gets rid of a client" it's generally mutual. I don't just email them with "you're toast".

1 and 2 are not possible. I don't hate my clients and I don't represent crap.

I'm sure there are former clients who ponder some variation of options 3, 4 and 5. Generally however, they are gracious enough to spare me their ruminations.

Parting ways with a client is never my idea of fun. It's never my first choice when things aren't going well, and I ALWAYS part with them on good terms. Sometimes things don't work out as we all hoped. I lose money, you lose time, none of us are happy. Doesn't mean we all didn't try our best.

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