You wanna call Miss Snark a nitwit?

Have at it.
But you have to at least be funny about it.

Nasty comments can be half the fun, but things along the line of "anyone who misses what makes James Frey's book important should read the book. Or any book" both miss the point and are singularly lacking in style and zest as far as insults go. Maybe your mother wears Army boots and you think that IS the height of mockery.

One, I have read the book.
Two, opinions differ. You think the book is great, go for it. Defend your position. Call Miss Snark a nitwit for missing some factual points if you want, and we can roll around in the mud and blood and vomit till the plane lands.

Just saying you think i'm a nitwit so I must be is well...nitwittery.
Oh, and I erased the comment.
I'm not having a good enough day to put up with crap.


stay_c said...

Difficult to discuss the pros and cons accurately unless one has read the book. Your comments re: it haven't ever lead me to believe that you haven't.

Rhonda Stapleton said...

You don't have to put up with crap on any day - good or bad. People can get their points across and still be respectful and courteous, even when disagreeing.

That Girl Who Writes Stuff said...

Help me out.

Where did this comment pop up?: "anyone who misses what makes James Frey's book important should read the book. Or any book"

Justin R. Buchbinder said...

Screw 'em all Miss Snark... clearly you have hundreds on your side (reading this Blog every day)

Now, a new question... I have finished my novel and am preparing to query... here's my issue:

I HAVE been published previously... numerous times. However, two such instances were in a gay eZine that specializes in... well... erotica. However, the pieces I placed there are NOT erotica, though sex exists (briefly) in both... I also published another similar (barely sexed) story in a gay adult newspaper in Arizona...

Should I just ignore these mini successes so as to not make agents think I'm some sort of erotica writing character and just not mention being published at all?

Please help!

Nance said...

Miss Snark,

If it's any consolation, you make my lonely existence out here in "Children of the Corn" country bareable. I thank you for your blog, my editor thanks you and I'm certain my agent would thank you, too, if I ever admitted to being closer to you-by reading your blog every day-than her.

Anonymous said...

If your life is in a downward nitwit spiral, call Dr. Phil for the location of the AMLP Anonymous chapter nearest you.


Rowan said...

Those who would toss 'nitwit' around while lacking the latter half of the word, should check the map on frappr to ensure no snarklings are nearby to smack the offender upside the head until they either grow a wit, or are left unconscious in an empty gin pail.
(Considering the worldwide nature of the Devotion, that would prove difficult)

December Quinn said...

So you're not qualified to denounce a liar unless you've personally read or heard their lies? The fact that they might be moving or interesting lies, even lies that can inspire people, doesn't make them any less unture.

In fact, it makes it worse. When you tell people something and claim it's true, and give them the "If I did it, you can," speech, and it turns out that you didn't actually do those things, you've belittled them. You've made them suckers. It's insulting, and it's wrong, and I don't need to have read the lies to know that it's wrong to lie.

AnneM said...

Well said December_quinn.

Now, about your pic...

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I'm filling the water trough. Bill E. saunters over. (Yes, Goats, particularly vain full-of- themselves male Goats, can saunter.)

Bill E: So, what's all this about someone insulting Yap's mistress?

Me: Bill, it's rude to eavesdrop.

Bill E: Yes, mistress. But, you weren't exactly quiet you know. You were most voluble.

Me: I better not see hoof prints on my OED, Bill.

Bill E: I just want to know if she could use my services. You could fly me out to New York or Cincinnati or . . .wherever. I could be her bodyguard.

Me: You'd need a bath. Isn't it time for your bath anyway? You are a tad ripe.

Bill E: It's my tough-goat persona. Leave it alone. Ask her. I'll make her an offer she can't refuse.

Me: I'll pass it on, Bill. But it was only an insult. . . .

Bill E: Only? I'll head-butt ‘em. It wont happen again.

That Girl Who Writes Stuff said...

Yeah, December Quinn about your pic. . . (insert thunderous applause here).

Anonymous said...

Can I be the next nitwit? Pretty please, I promise to wear my thorny crown with glee...uh, just what is a real nitwit anyway? I tried my picture book dictionary but the best I could come up with is a donkey. Does that count?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
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Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Now, that's a bit rude. ....

Picture books lack depth,
and there may be no help from a seer.

But what one can't find in a book
can sometimes be found in a mirror.

Insta poem by Rachael

December Quinn said...

Thank you! I like it too. :-)