Becoming Miss Snark

Miss Snark:

I am a snarky young woman living in New York City. I've been studying publishing and working some menial publishing jobs for the last year or two. I've been thinking (much to the dismay of my Better Judgement) that I would like to get into the agenting side of things.

My question is this: how did you go about the transformation from plain ol' Betty-Louise Snark from
East Cupcake, Illinois to Miss Snark, the Literary Agent?


Bitchy Smurf

Why would anyone would want to leave Cupcake -- let alone leaving Cupcake for Snarkville?

Well, you qualify for the first requirement: you're clearly deranged.

Second of course is you want to slink over to a literary agency that is hiring Bright Young Cupcakes and apply for work. You may need to be a slave..I mean intern for awhile, but lots of people hire their interns.

There are lots of kinds of agents: one person juggling acts such as Miss Snark, all the way up to the behemoth ICM. There are some stops in between at multiple person shops or bigger firms that have lots of agents working for them.

Best place, as always, to get the scoop is Publishers Marketplace.

As to how to become a stiletto heeled Snark, well, some Snarks are born, some are made and some have Snarkness thrust upon them. Miss Snark of course is all three. Genuflect as needed.


BitchySmurf said...

Thanks, Miss Snark. I appreciate you answering my question. I guess I was hoping there was some super sekret way in which I would not have to go back to being an intern. Darnit.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I'm sure there are many competent agents out there, but there is only one Miss Snark, huh, Snarky.

emily, I wish you success as an agent. So, when can I send you my query? Do you like goats? Pixies? Oreos?

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Publishers Marketplace doesn't seem to have any entry-level agent-related job postings at all.

Rachel said...

Not really about writing, but thanks for the cupcake love. How cool would it be if there really were a town called East Cupcake (or North, South, West, or just Chocolate) and your return address said that? Now I bet *that* would stand out on your outgoing mail!

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark, Killer Yapp and Agent C - hope you are all surviving in the blizzard.

Hopefully Killer Yapp has his own wardrobe of warm coats and shoes to keep him oh-so-toasty.

I heart Killer Yapp

Kathleen said...

This blizzard might break records!! I hope everyone is toasty warm and well stocked with gin.

Unfortunately, I will have to venture out several times today to take the dog to the park.

So, I will sympathize with Miss Snark, Killer Yapp, and all other dog families in NYC.

BitchySmurf said...

Rose Fox - Publishers Marketplace rarely lists internships actually. I haven't found a really good site for them. But the dreaded craig's list has a bunch and BookJobs.com has a few.