Erotica gets-we fear-respectable?

Was it just last week Miss Snark headlined a post about writing erotic as "a tawdry past"? Well, she's clearly behind (ha!) the times. From PW online today comes this:

Avon Gets In Between the Sheets with New Imprint

by Rachel Deahl, PW Daily -- 2/13/2006

HarperCollins's Avon Books imprint is expanding its reach in one of the strongest genres of women's fiction, erotica, and launching its own line to produce trade paperbacks on the topic: Avon Red. Noting that the popularity of the genre is "increasing steadily," Avon's publisher, Liate Stehlik, said the imprint will look to "provide the best, most sophisticated erotic fiction available."

Following other romance publishers like Kensington, which announced its own erotica-dedicated line called Aphrodisia in October (PW Daily 10/28/05), Avon will also publish its new imprint's titles as e-books (a format which is particularly popular among readers of the genre). Avon Red will launch in June with two anthologies—Parlor Games and If This Bed Could Talk—with plans to release one title per month beginning in September. The imprint has already signed six titles in total, among them Toni Blake's Swept Away (September) and Cathryn Fox's Pleasure Control (December).


Anonymous said...

Sex and Religion go figure.


d said...

Well butter my butt and call me Biscuit! :-O

Maya Reynolds said...

Sand Storm: Just different ends of the same continuum. Inspirational literature is as hot as erotica right now.

lady t said...

How about Inspirational Erotica? That's sure to be a money maker..just imagine such titles as The Passion of The Christina,Mistress of Pain and Red Confessional Diaries,proudly displayed on bookshelves across the nation!

Pepper Smith said...

Yup. Erotica in ebook format is a real hot seller. (erm...no pun intended.) Doesn't surprise me at all that the romance publishers are branching out in that direction. They'll go where the money is.

Brian Farrey said...

Alas, we've reached the day when boom-shaka-laka is the new literary black.

Anonymous said...

There goes the neighborhood...

Ana Lee Kennedy said...

I've been selling erotica for years to such publications as Gent, Home of the "D" Cups {for four years!} Hustler Publications, etc. Oddly enough, my novels don't have erotic content in them. The romantic scenes in my novels are sensual, but have none of the sex that my short stories do.

I don't really like writing erotica, but it pays well when you can find a good paying market, and it's easier to sell than other short fiction genres.

That's not to say that I don't have an erotic novel in the works, but by the time I get around to finishing it, erotica might be a thing of the past, lol, but I doubt it.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
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Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I'm looking at the goo in the pasture and hoping that it makes the grass green this spring because it's an awful mess now. Bill E. Goat Baaaaaaahs for attention.

Me: Oh, hi, Bill. You wanted something?

Bill: Well, it's about being respectably erotic. I'm changing my book from a mystery to an erotic romance ...

Me: [Surprised stare.]

Bill E: Don't look so surprised. I'm an expert. I know all about romance.

Me: Bill, few people who read erotica would think that stamping your feet, sounding vaguely like a turkey, and . . . well that other stuff you do, is romantic. I'm not sure the world is ...

Bill E: I'm calling it 101 Nights in the Pasture. My main character is a handsome Goat named Bill. He's irresistible...

Me: To whom? I notice Pricilla is ignoring you totally.

Bill E. She's French. What do you expect? French goats always play hard to get. So, will you critique the first draft?

Me: Sure, Bill. You write it. I'll read it.

Anonymous said...

If erotica becomes respectable, then all the damn fun goes out of it.
Y'know... like wearing thongs before they were commonplace.

McKoala said...

Was wearing thongs really ever fun?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

We pixies don't wear thongs.

The Beautiful Schoolmarm said...

Do pixies ever wear underwear at all?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Nope. Pixies generally don't wear clothes at all. There are a few exceptions. The only living male pixie wears a kilt. I wear hair ribbons. There is a pixie living near Inverness who's father makes her wear clothes. That's understandable. He's a Presbyterian of the old school. Umm there's probably one or two more examples. The rest of Pixie kind don't wear anything but a smile.
Near time to leave, my father told her that he had to go home. Silence filled the school. My mother flitted to his face and kissed him gently.
“Come,” he said. “You’ll need a coat.”
“No I won’t.”
“It’s cold. It’s snowing. You . . . you . . .well you have no clothes.”
“I know. They get in the way.”
“I’ll get you a coat from the lost and found box.”
Mother insists she looked at her wings, but he didn’t get the hint. He had a red-hooded coat half way up her arm when he realized it wouldn’t fit over her wings. He finally wrapped her in a blanket and carried her out into the cold and dark. Except to him, it no longer seemed either cold or dark. He carried her into what had become a near blinding snowstorm. Only the largest objects could be seen. Perhaps, if it had not been for the lights in windows, they would have been deliciously lost in the forest. I do so like the forest. One can do so many, many things there.
Mother says she protested being carried in a blanket until Father stopped and asked, “What is wrong?”
“You’re crumpling my wings!”
“I’ve already done that, and you didn’t protest.”
“This is different! We’re not mating now. Let me walk.”