FAQ for the blog

Several very brave souls risked being thought nitwits (which they are not) by asking "what the heck is all this stuff about serial scrubbers and Rabbitania".

It was clear that there are some basic facts about the blog, as well as some long running jokes that needed explaining. Thus: SnarkFAQ, the blog was born. It's listed on the right, under Very Cool People (mostly cause Miss Snark is very cool today..there's a foot of snow on the ground).

If there are other questions that should be answered in the FAQ, drop me an email and let me know.

All other questions will, as usual, appear here. The FAQ is only for questions about the workings of this blog, not publishing in general.

Snark On!


kitty said...


domynoe said...

Very cool! I'll add it to the fan list links immediately. Already linked AgentC. :)

Tribe said...

Jesus Christ...this is becoming a virtual blogging empire...Killer Yapp has a blog, Agent C is co-blogging, a separate FAQ, the crapometer achieving near-mythical status...where will it end?

mcbun said...

Public Announcement from the Presibun of Rabbitania

We, the residents of Rabbitania, are honoured to occupy such a prominent spot in Miss Snark's blogdom.

We bow down and snuffle in gratitude to the Great One.

Robert Waugh said...

An excellent resource for the probationary Snarkling! In under five minutes, SnarkFAQ brought me up to speed on all the most important aspects of Snarkling lingo. For the new writer reading the writing of literary agents blogging, SnarkFAQ is simply indispensable.

Anonymous said...

OK, so AgentC is the blogger formerly known as Agent Kate?

How'd THAT happen?

Lady M said...

Miss Snark:

Fantastic Stuff, truly amusing.

Thank you for the FAQ section, if you ever get around to reading these responses, one of the few things that I would suggest (that is, if you don't mind suggestions) is to include a list of basic questions new authors are looking for.


How should an MS be formatted in order to send to an agent?

Where could I find an example of a query letter?

What is a synopsis and do you have an example?

Where could I find a list of agents?

Are there examples of what I need to do in order to submit an MS unsolicited?

What do you do when you have no professional credits?

Etc. etc. ad infinitum.

Those are the things that you'll get over and over and over and over again repeatedly. (Shall we add over a few more times? *grin*)

I think your wit and your blog should be published in excerpt format. I believe you just might find a willing and ready audience to purchase it.

And on that note - when will the crapometer be up for submission again? That has got to be one of the most fun competitively spirited items I've seen in a long time!

Oh and another question: Do you read the comments? Is it worthwhile to post them? Or are they only for the commenters to pat themselves on the back? (*pat-pat-pat-pat*)

Lady M

Miss Snark said...

Lady M, you'll be glad to know an index is in the works. It will feature all Miss Snark's incredibly fabulous advice on all matters from Agents to Zip drives.

The FAQ was mostly for "who is killer yapp" kind of questions. I'm glad to add to it if you think of or see any in the comments trails.

I never read the comments of course, I'm too busy being serially scrubbed on Rabbitania....or reading partials. I confuse the two quite often.

Lady M said...

Too funny!

The index would be an outstanding feature, IMHO. (humble, mind you, humble.)

Thank you.