Good Advice from Miss Genoese

Well, normally when I refer to Miss Genoese there are declarations of war floating around cause she adores Mr Clooney almost as much as I; however, this time, truce.

She has posted an excellent piece on pitching editors at conferences.
Read it.
Take notes.
Read it again.
Know it, do it, be it.

And if you meet Miss G at a conference, tell her HANDS OFF MR CLOONEY!

(Thanks to "the other" Mr. C for the link)


Harry Connolly said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

anna louise said...

Oh, Miss Snark! I blush at the attention from such a vaunted personage as yourself!

Lady M said...

rkfxwoal (word verification sounds a bit... I dunno.... dirty in Russian or Irish, to be sure.)

The blog was missing.

(Miss Snark's blog was gone - missing somewhere in cyberspace. Blank. Oh my - the Aliens from chapter 14 finally landed!)

So I thought that I would validate it's re-entry into existence by posting that I actually went and visited anna louise's site.

Nice - but the thing that made me laugh so hard, I had to make sure the chair was dry, was the comment about being "the gospel".

I will eternally use this phrasing.


Lady M

Eva said...

I just wanted to throw in my thanks as well.

Lady M said...

Eva - Your blog does not exist "Grammarcentral".

I just wanted you to know.

If you click on your name and then try to go to your blog, it "doesn't exist".

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna! *waves*

I totally love your blog. And this one too of course...


Alli said...

Thanks Miss Snark for the link to Anna Louise's blog and thanks Anna Louise for writing such a fabulous blog about a subject that can bring many writers to their knees shaking with nerves.

I loved "Don't be an idiot" which should be tatooed on everyone's head - and not just for pitches at conferences!

Well done ladies!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea editors liked to be pinched. I will pinch all the editors wherever I go. Is it different from pinching an agent? I am SO psyched.

Lizzy said...

According to Merriam-Webster, one definition of "pinch" means "to cause physical or mental pain."

So I guess writers and agents and editors are used to pinching each other.

Eva said...

Thanks, Lady M. Yes, I took it down temporarily. In the future, I plan to ask for synopsis submissions and then edit them for grammar and punctuation errors. Right now I'm too busy preparing for a conference. I'll get the blog going again some time in April.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Thanks Miss Snark, that was great advice. I bookmarked it!

lyfe said...

I enjoyed reading that entry, thanks Miss Snark that was very very informative, glad you linked us up before I made an idiot of myself!

Cheryll said...

Hey, now I know what is meant by an author's pitch... Thanks for giving us such a great link!

Alas, I fear I shall never be much good at conferences as they are described, especially where I'm supposed to schmooze.

I don't drink. Been a terrible handicap all my life, plus I'm allergic to perfumes and smoke. Pretty much rules out any after session socialization in bars.

Sort of disappointing to discover that is how one has to meet editors and others who could be important to writers.

However, it could be a good thing in that I will save all sorts of money by not attending conferences!

Guess I'll just have to build editor and agent relationships long distance, with email and/or query letters...

archer said...

I avoid such things instinctively, as my often-remarked-upon resemblance to Richard Gere produces results that are not merit based.

Harry Connolly said...

Cheryll, that best pitch ever happened in Seattle, at Writers Weekend. Smoking indoors is illegal in this state now, and there wasn't an actual bar at the event. It was just a table with a couple bartenders serving drinks.

Okay, I guess that counts as a bar, but you know what I mean.

I was at that conference. In fact, I was in the laundry room with Mr. Best Pitch Ever while we were practicing our pitches.

Anyway, it was a good conference. I wish I could afford to attend again. Check it out. You don't have to be a schmooze-hound--the place is full of other writers, after all, and most are just like you.

Anonymous said...

lsdexavy... it sounds too sensory and kinky not to add a post, even though I have nothing much to say.

Loved Miss Genovese's post, found a couple of things over there worth pointing out to other writing pals. But they already spend their daily allotment with Miss Snark (in fact one of them pointed me here during the latest Crapometer), so they may not kiss my hand in gratitude for shoving yet another worthwhile blog in their faces.

It is fatally easy to waste all my writing hours reading agent/editor/writer blogs.


Anonymous said...

Oops! Make that 'Miss GenoEse' - no 'v'.