Holy Random Questions, Batman!

Welcome Agent C, I anticipate your remarks and suggestions with enthusiasm. I might mention any one of the snarklings could give you a better name than Agent C. Agent Chocolate, Cunning, Cowbell, Cotton Swab. Ha Ha. Agent Cotton Swab. (AgentC's name was bestowed by the ancient agent monks of the Lower East Side. She must carry it for life.)

Now that I have not gotten on your good side, I might move into my questions quickly before I feel the sting of the delete key: Do I need to finish this novel before I begin querying agents? Sounds like the publishing process will take forever and I'd like to get on with it. I will probably only be sending partials for awhile anyway, right?Do you know where I can find a summary of books published/sold in the US in recent years broken down by category or genre? My novel is set in a US city and exposes some powerful racial issues that occur there. Do you think the industry might shy away from something like that? I mean, the characters and plot reveal the truth as I see it (I didn't set out to hang anyone ), but it's not going to give a reader the warm fuzzies about this region that is trying desperately to bring commercialism and tourism to the city. Is there a line of decency or a limit to what ugliness is unacceptable to the industry?
Thank you for your efforts and beware of the dog.

Okherewego: Yes. Yes, but you should have the full ms ready. In your dreams. No. Yes. Take a few yoga breaths, snarkling. Then focus.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

I know a pharmacy that discounts Ritalin.

Anonymous said...

Why, the agent monks had to disquise that you used to be Agent Kate?

The Green Cedar said...

Masterful reply, Agent C... the yoga breaths advice is especially good.

Aphrodite the Flighty said...

Besides, you might find that in finishing the book, the beginning changes. Which means the partial that's sitting on several agents' desks might not resemble what you now have.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...actually, I found this post a little baffling.

Except for one thing I'm pretty sure of: hawking an unfinished novel makes about as much sense as trying to sell real estate you don't actually own yet.

Get a grip. And consider Hemingway's advice: Write a million words.