Miss Snark Calls in Reinforcements!

To deal with the blog's surge in popularity Miss Snark has shanghaied her stiletto wielding colleague Agent C to assist.

Her first posts will pop up here soon.

You can email questions to her.

You can email questions to me.

Double the Snark, Double the Fun!


Anonymous said...

Cynthia writes:

What a glorious day in Snarkville! Welcome, Agent C! And I heart Miss Snark for being so thoughtful and wise to call in Snarkforcements (that's reinforcements for Miss Snark.)

Anonymous said...

Good move!

But, "Agent C?"

Not "Agent Orange"?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Umm, I'm sure this is swell. But newbie that I am, I haven't a clue who agent C is? That someone who retired before Agent J was recruited? Just how much do they know about the aliens in chapter 13? They do have first hand experience, right?

Oh, and does agent c wear that black suit thingie with the dark glasses? too cool, if you ask me.

I just don't want to be flashy thinged by agent C. WE newbies got rights!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of time 40 years ago I went to the sorority house to pick up Suzie, my blind date, and out pops Ginny who said she was filling in. Oh well, as Stephen Sills says, love the one you're with.

Unknown said...

If Agent C is a little snarky wordplay for 'agen-cy', I'm rather highly amused.

Anonymous said...

Will we be able to tell who is answering the post?

Anonymous said...


Agent C spelled Miss Snark wrong on his information.

Its Ms. not Miss.

Are you sure you want this agent working on this?

Feisty said...

Does Agent C also have a crush on Mr. Clooney?

I hear that Mr. C. is in love. I didn't read the story, only saw the photo, so it could be a big bunch of crap, you know, publicity stuff for some upcoming movie, but if not, Miss Snark, I would think that you might not want to share Mr. Clooney with Agent C. Not that sharing is a bad thing, mind you.

Is Agent C a male or female? Does s/he have a KY type of sidekick? Does s/he prefer gin or vodka, wine or beer?

I know, so many questions. Does Agent C have a good sense of humor, a snarky sense of life, or perhaps just a NY attitude?

Will we get a formal intro to Agent C along with a bio so that we might know him/her better before we proceed?

Or is it just take it as it goes?

Anonymous said...


Why wasn't I considered for this job?

Baaaaaad decision. You should have interviewed me!

Ok, so I have to go. My mistress is a bit angry that i'm getting my dirty hoof prints on the rug and computer.

Anonymous said...

A quick trip through the "Agent C" archives reveals that C originally called herself "Agent Kate." Said archives also make it pretty clear that Kate/C knows whereof she speaks.

Why the name change, though? Inquiring minds and all that.

Mindy Tarquini said...

Hello, Agent C!

Tami P said...

Hello Agent C. Welcome.

Elektra said...

Is Agent C the Agent Cool from a few weeks back?

Anonymous said...

I think to clear up any confusion you could just post your pic next to Agent C's pic:)

Molly said...

You are so good to do this. Thank you so much.

As to the tagging of posts (to decrease the repetition of questions), is that something Snarklings can help with?

Stacia said...

Hi, Agent C!

Unknown said...

Okay folks...here's the plan:

When Agent C is on the computer, with her back to the class...sha'el and elektra sneak out...and ken boy...fall onto the floor and pretend you're having a seizure.

When sha'el and elektra come back into the room, everyone remember to nod and agree when they tell C, "but Miss Snark always lets us do that..."

But seriously - I'm sure we'll all love her by the end of the semester.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Do we all drop our pencils at the same time?

Can I pretend to speak English haltingly?

Will she understand me if i say: "Duw a'ch bendithio fy ngweddw a'm plant"? Will she scowl at me if i say that?

And who has the spitballs?

Say, Agent C, do you like goats?

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Agent C!

McKoala said...

I've got the spitballs. I've got water filled balloons for recess too. My mum says I can have candy if I'm good for the teacher, but it's more fun being bad.

Welcome Agent C/Kate. Gin or vodka in your balloons?

Anonymous said...

Now we'll have double the fun! Let's hope thtat Agent C proves to be just as witty and brilliant as Miss Snark.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Agent C the one who always ended up disguised as a soda machine, a fire hydrant, or stuck behind the lemon cream pie at the automat?

Or was she the one in the leather hip-huggers who cleaned and pressed Steed's umbrella?

My memory isn't what it used to be and the cone of silence is still on the fritz.

Must run. A bubble is coming my way and Number Three is getting suspicious.

- 12

Elektra said...

Sorry, daphne, but I'm much too busy super gluing all the erasers to the ceiling to sneak out right now.

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

ROFL...Hello Agent C...LOL

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Dear "-12"

That post seriously dates you. You're either older than the hills or watched every old TV show that's been repackaged on a CD.

So, can you sing "Secret Agent Man"? ... They've given you a number and taken 'way your naaaammeeeee ...

Ken Boy said...

**ken boy foaming at the mouth**

Ken Boy said...

Seriously, Agent C, we're just kidding.

But I did forget my books again.

Tina said...

The Grumpy Old Bookman has also been impressed with some comments Agent C has made. Only then she was Agent Kate, a self-proclaimed heartless bitch. The comments trail is interesting on this one, as is the post itself.

So much for my former cop as private detective series. But I'm heading to my local meat counter to do some research as we speak . . .


Me said...

Welcome, Agent C.

To Anonymous who asked, "Will we be able to tell who is answering the post?"

At the bottom of each post is the name of its author (right before the date).

Anonymous said...

Sha'el, I'm a man who's lived a life of danger. Everyone I meet remains a stranger. With the possible exception of those whom I have seriously dated - as you referenced in your note.


Anonymous said...

And oh yeah, I meant to say, "Welcome!" to Agent C.

No matter what secret identity you choose, I've been reading you for a while now and I'm looking forward to more.

It just gets better and better here.

Anonymous said...

Agent C(ate), my dog ate my synopsis. Can you read around the teeth marks?




Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Dear "-12",

You made a very sick and depressed person laugh. Thanks!

Beware of pretty faces you may find.
A pretty face may hide an evil mind.
Ooh, careful what you say:
Don't give yourself away.
Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow.