Miss Snark Gets Succinct

My novel has been requested by several agents and there are two (very good) agents reading it now. However, an excerpt of the novel is going to be published in an upcoming anthology by a major publisher with a 15,000 starting print run. This is the second anthology in a trilogy (I also have a story in the first book). Should I have mentioned this to the agents? Would it be beneficial to do so now, while they're still reading?


Does the fact that a partial has been seen by a potentially large readership -and yes it is said in the antho that it's an except -matter at all?


My second question is: I've had a couple of editors request the manuscript-they are both from major publishing houses. I also failed to mention this in the query thinking it was not important (I know I'm in the running for the Nitwit award). But I'm rethinking it. Should I perhaps tell them what editors and from what houses requested it now while they are still reading, perhaps sending as an update?


Always include this kind of info. What on earth made you think you shouldn't? Yes, you are in the running for the Nitwit of the Week award, but the week is yet young.


kathie said...

Great job on writing such a fabu book!

Folklore Fanatic said...

I'll second that bravo, Kathie. SOund like a solid ms.

...Now let's hope that this minor 'faux pas' doesn't jinx said author. O.o

Daniel said...

You mentioned he SHOULD mention this information. Is this for legal purposes so that he doesn't run into publishing rights conflicts? Or is it for kudos, mentioning previous successes with the piece makes it more appealing?