Thanking Agents for their Fabulosity

Miss Snark,

What are the expectations for agent "upkeep"? No, not that standard contract stuff, but letting my agent know I think she's a fabulous person. I don't want to seem weird (admit I'm weird?), but I do want to assure she knows her efforts are appreciated. I'm doing the recommended stuff--not being demanding or impatient (which is easy because she sends updates without my asking).

So-- if I see a book by an author we've discussed that I think she'd like or some other little thing, is it bad form to get it for her? Send holiday cards? Something? She works hard for me, and yes, I know it's a job not a friendship, but really she's just so fab I want to let her know I appreciate her without seeming like a simpering nitwit.

An email every Monday morning that simply says "thanks for all you do, you're deeply appreciated" would be really good.

If you think Miss Snark is a tad more distant than your own agent, you might email his/her other clients and get some ideas that way. Or all of you can pool funds and get some thing seriously nice that comes in a blue box from Tiffany. Killer Yapp suggests Steak of the Month, but please don't listen.

If you're truly rolling in dough from books I sold, feel free to buy me a house at Montauk.

It's not bad form to send gifts, or cards, but I always discourage it cause I'm such a minimalist and I live and work in a VERY small space.

Just saying it every once in a while is perfect. You never know when those little messages are the very best thing that happens to her that day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks (to both you & Killer Yapp) for the thoughtful answer--and for all the rest of your insights!

Melissa M.

Unknown said...

"If you're truly rolling in dough from books I sold, feel free to buy me a house at Montauk."

Would the left side of the highway be acceptable?

Miss Snark said...


Unknown said...

I didn't think so....

Anonymous said...

Montauk? Not the Hamptons?

Miss Snark said...

Miss Snark loves Montauk. The only good thing about the Hamptons is winter