Verb Forms

Dear Miss Snark,

Thank you for indexing your older blogs. I love it and can actually find things. Bravo to Miss Adventure for doing such a fantastic job. (Miss Adventure rocks!)

So there I was reading 'Miss Snark gets tense about verbs' and realized that I need more on this topic. This is an area that continually keeps me tense and longing for a massage. Verb tense, and how to avoid mixing them in a single sentence, let alone paragraph, is akin to black magic for me. I hope you'll consider revisiting this issue.

By the time your work gets to Miss Snark, you'd better have your verbs massaged, oiled, and organized. The only thing I do with grammar here is point out your mistakes. Heaven forfend I actually help you with it. That job is someone else's, not mine. There are a lot of good resources for this on the web. I periodically have to google up some myself particularly the ablatavive case for "to reject".


Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
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Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Sorry, I messed up the link! Here's a link for verb tense.


I have other writing tools on the lower left sidebar of my blog. Help yourself to anything you want!

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

You'll have to go to my blog to grab the whole link. I don't know why it won't print out the whole thing, 'cause it's there before I publish it, but then half of it disappears....Blogger is #%@!&*

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bonnie, I've book marked the site.

For anyone else trying to link to this site, Blogger truncated the .html that you'll need to tack on to the address for the URL to work.

I see one of the links you list is Writer's Free Reference. One of my online buddies put that one up. Great reference site.

(Still anonymous...)

Anonymous said...

This one is pretty helpful:


And this one has all sorts of grammar places to go:


And finally, Sentence Sense, which is an online handbook complete with mastery tests and so forth:


HOpe the links actually come through.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

They did, and thank you Diana.