You Guys Just Have Sex on the Brain

Erotic romance and the like has been "The Hot Thing" for awhile now but it seems that it's only for the usual male/female pairings (be it human or supernatural/alien). I've been told by a couple "name agents" that "Vivid" sex scenes between males make it a no-no that could only be pitched to a handful of smaller gay-lesbian presses.
So the question--finally--is Do you see the critical success of Brokeback Mountain having an influence with publishers in the near future? I'm not talking lofty literary tomes but plain old entertaining genre fiction.

Agents, editors, publishers--everyone loves movies. They're a marketing bonanza. They get everyone's attention--especially those who don't normally pick up books. So, the short answer is, yes, I think Brokeback Mountain will spawn a flurry of copycats and hangers-on. Will that increase the amount of M4M sexiness we can find in genre fiction? One can only dream. You might be able to find a few more agents willing to take a stab at some gay-cowboy fic, but don't expect 1000 agents to be beating down your door just because you write about a pair of wrinkled champs in a pile on the floor. The tide turns slowly in publishing...


Anonymous said...

I've been snickering lately about the fuss of "Mainstream America Discovers Slash."

Of course, the M4M stuff has got to be better than stories inspired by other activities indulged in by lonely cowboys. Makes you wonder the origins of "cow puncher & cowpoke."

Of course, Brokeback Mountain gives a whole new twist on the ol' Texas phrase "That feller really chaps my hide."

So, when will astonished mundanes start googling for the gigabytes of Kirk/Spock fic that have been out there for decades?

alexandra said...

Oh boy would I love to say something here but I'll bite my tongue.

Anonymous said...

There's a new novel out (mainstream! from st. Martin's!) that has explicit m/m sex scenes. I think it's called "What Love Means To You People". I saw it in PW. I wonder if it will get more publicity b/c of the whole Brokeback phenom?

Bernita said...

"The tide turns slowly..."
I've just gotten up to speed putting ordinary sex in a novel.

Marlo said...

bernita, it's all ordinary sex. Or it's all extraordinary.

The input / output ports are immaterial.

Anonymous said...

heheheee... silly topic! both terms cowpuncher and cowpoke derived from a real low-level job available to broke cowboys after the trail drive money was spent.

Cows walked into town, and were shipped by rail out of town. SOMEBUDDY, had to stand at the loading chutes with pointy sticks and keep pushing them dawggies into the cars, hence both terms. It was considered a desperate job, and an insult to real cowhands, who of course preferred to be mounted. On horseback, not Brokeback of course. While wearing their chaps, the crotchless leather overpants. heheheee Magz-da-Cowgal

Bernita said...

Thank you, Marlo.
I'm familiar with sex.
Perhaps I should have used the term "conventional?"

The Beautiful Schoolmarm said...

And actually, the guys in Brokeback were sheepherders anyway. "Wyoming, where men are men and sheep are scared . . ." but you only get to say it if you live here.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess if you've dated one too many sheep, then your herding partner is gonna start looking mighty cute in the moonlight.

It's funny, but I heard tell that the whole cowpunchin' / pokin' thang was indeed to do with being alone on the range.

--a yaller rose in Texas ('N yup--I knows whar that originated, too, heh-heh.)

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous #1

Yeah, there's a ton of m/m erotica in fanfiction (but never mind Kirk/Spock - Snape/Lupin is where it's at for today's generation }:-) ), and it's incredibly popular. The weird thing is that most of it is written by women, for the enjoyment of other women.

When that post regarding Avon Red went up, it made me wonder if we would ever see the day when m/m erotica aimed at a female audience would hit the mainstream, because if you dig deep enough, there's certainly a market for it...

Long live yaoi.

NancyKay Shapiro said...

More women are interested in reading about love and sex between men than the mainstream media could EVER imagine.

NancyKay Shapiro
author of
What Love Means To You People, Thomas Dunne books