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Hello there Miss Snark

I was wondering if you could clarify what an Associate is? On several agency websites, they list the agents and then 1 or 2 people titled 'Associate'. *Some* websites list 'Associate Agents', others just 'Associate'.

I sent a query to an agent and received a rejection from an associate. I'd like to query them with another project but I'm unclear as to whether I should query the person who sent me the reply, or whether associates don't take submissions (the website isn't clear about this).

Any input you have would be helpful... thank you!

Well, Killer Yapp is Miss Snark's associate and he does take queries but mostly along the line of "do you want a cookie" and he's got a much higher acceptance rate than Miss Snark.

Associate can be a fancy way of saying assistant or not-agent. In other words, a person who is hired, getting a paycheck and probably at the start of their career. NOT a person who acquires most likely. They are associates if they are there full time, 'readers' if they are there part time or free lance and 'interns' if they are slave labor from NYU, Pace or Columbia Publishing programs.

Associate agents however are agents, and just might be sharing office space, or "associated" in some way.

This happens in publishing houses too. Editorial assistants aren't acquiring but assistant editors are. Sometimes a person is the assistant to an editor but also starting to acquire on his/her own.

The best way to find out is call and ask. You'd say "I queried Agent Absent and received a response from Ms Present. Should I query Ms Present for other projects now?".

And of course "do you want a cookie" is always a good question to start with.

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Thank you so much for this clarification. Cookies all around!