Chien Chapeaus and Lazy Ass Agents

Dear Miss Snark,

First - and I know this is mean spirited, but it's a comment from my dog, not me (he's a black lab with a penchant for poodles - his current squeeze is a white poodle down the street with a puppy cut) - when I told my dog that Killer Yap wore a pink tam out in public, he yakked up his dog biscuits and went to hide under the dining room table, refusing to come out until I assured him I had made the whole thing up and that no self-respecting dog, not even KY, would wear a pink tam in public.

Anyhow, my dilemma: Agent asked for a non-exclusive full. Following Miss Snark's advice not to be a pest, I waited 3 months + 2 weeks and then sent a VERY polite, deferential email asking whether he had, in fact, received the ms and expressing my curiosity about the time line of his reading log. Two weeks later, no word from the agent.

Should I: (a.) join the Hemlock Society immediately? (b.) maintain my email vigil? (c.) buy a super-sized container of clue dust?

Thanks again for making my day - every day!

KY understands there are Birkenstock dogs and there are Manolo dogs. There's no shame in being a Birkenstock dog. Yakking up perfectly good cookies though..that's just wrong wrong wrong. You might mention to your delicate stomach hound that a pink tam is much like an orange safety vest in deer season when you are a white poodle leaping about in Central Park snowdrifts.

But, to the subject at hand.

I choose B. You've given him three months. It's not pestering to email and say "hey lazybones, ya got it? ya like it? ya think ya want it?"...or perhaps something less ...um...Scorsese. And you get to keep doing it every two weeks or so until he has the courtesy to answer. He doesn't have to have it read in two weeks but not answering email from someone when you have a full manuscript is rude. You may not want to quote me in your emails, but you can.


SherryD said...

Personally, I think I'd cut and paste Miss Snark's reply into an email and add the quote marks. And THEN be polite with my own words just in case he/she is hospitalized or something. If the agent (or his/her assistant) doesn't reply within three weeks, I'd sever that relationship and start the search for another agent.
Miss Snark might chastize me if I'm wrong :[

Carter said...

I think another query would be in order. After another 2 weeks: if no reply, strike this name off your list and move along. He's not right for you.