Conjugating payment

Dear Ms Snark,

Thank you for providing a place to ask questions and receive unbiased answers. It’s a confusing business and full of pitfalls for the newbie author.

When a multiple book deal is made, I understand payment from the publisher is broken up, possibly over years. My question is: When do agents normally take their fee? Will an agent expect to receive the entire commission out of the first payment? Or take a percentage out of each check?

15% out of the amount in hand. We get ours parcelled out, just as you do.


Elektra said...

Not taking ALL her royalty commissions from the first check! Miss Snark must have broken her crystal ball...

I'll send a new one--just meet a certain poodle in the park at noon. He'll be the one in the turban, wonering how exactly a dog is supposed to carry a crystal ball.

Desperate Writer said...

Is this called "Basket Accounting?" (Not the agent commission, I understand that. The practice the other author mentioned, I mean.)

If not, is this practice normally done more with larger name authors with bigger advances?

In reference to the agent's commission from the entire sale out of the check at hand, does it ever work out that the agent might actually make more at first than an author will with that first check? (Eventually, I know the author will get their $ as stated in the contract. Just wondering.)

Bella Stander said...

"In reference to the agent's commission from the entire sale out of the check at hand..."

That isn't what Miss Snark wrote. She gets 15% out of each check.

(Word verification is "newgvpr," which I interpret as "new give power," very apt for this blog.)

Termagant 2 said...

Actually, "newgvpwr" is a mis-spelling (darn that spell Czech!) of "Now Give Power" ... meaning, "Give Power Where it's Long Overdue"--to the authors, whose fingertips bleed raw from endless query letter, agent seeking keyboard pounding!

Power to the People, Right On!