Dear Miss Snark,

I queried an agent, mentioning that I've had one book published and that I've been featured in two anthologies. I gave titles and publication dates. This agent recently requested my full manuscript. To my confusion, she asked for a bibliography.

Given that I already told her what I've published, does this mean she wants a formal bibliography, as in adhering to MLA guidelines? Is this typical? It's such a small thing, but I'm about to curl up like a cutworm over it.

Thanks for your help.

No, it means she lost/tossed/vaporized/returned your initial query letter, or you sent it via email.

And no, none of this MLA stuff. Is anyone here clutching a copy of Moby Dick and muttering about harpoon metaphors? No no, this is Snark Central: we're reading Mobylives.com, talking about Richard Cranium's latest editorial demand and clutching drinks while harmonizing with the karoke chorus. Save the MLA stuff for people who know it doesn't mean "miserable literary agents".


Elektra said...

Perhaps I'm confused--but what does your track record have to do with a bibliography?

Miss Snark said...

They are using bibliography in the very loose sense of "list of books". Like a cv sort of.

Yanno just cause we like earn our living with words doesnt mean we have to like..respect 'em..or anything.

December Quinn said...

So glad I'm not the only one who didn't get that!

Although for a minute I had this Scrubs-style fantasy in my head of an agent asking for my bibliography...every book I've ever read that led me where I am today. And I gave her one of those huge old-style computer printouts that was like three feet high.


Anonymous said...

Ok.... I swallow the bait. Would somebody please tell this cluedustless snarkling hatchling what MLA means?

I.J.Parker said...

MLA is the Modern Language Association, well-known to all English majors. It publishes an academic periodical (PMLA) for literary criticism and sets the standards for research and publications (and term papers) in English and related academic fields.

Brady Westwater said...

THe MLA is almost infamous for having a membership that has their heads stuck up their butts...

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Dear Brady,


Sometimes the truth is just too funny.