Do you like it? Huh huh do you do you?

Dear Miss Snark,
Wish I had discovered your site earlier! I am waiting to hear from an agent and wondering when or if I should contact him.

I originally sent off the first 50 pages. He responded within a week asking for the whole manuscript. I sent that off by first post but not by recorded (because writing books always advise against this). After 6 weeks of nervously biting my nails and resisting the urge to call, I tentatively emailed him, only to find it had gone missing in the post! (yea right, it's in his office only he can't find it)

He got the second lot and promptly asked to meet me. The meeting went fine and he asked me to expand the book, which I have. Now, it's been four long weeks since it was sent. Nary a word. No contract. Nothing.

Will it be pushy to ask if he liked it? Or should I wait? His firm's policy is to give an answer within two weeks but that applies to first submissions. Please advise!

Four weeks is nothing. (it took me ten days to answer this question..and that's just a question!) Give him 90 days. You'd be amazed at the things that require immediate attention on any given day. Reading and signing new clients is important but it's hardly ever urgent. Please please please do not pester him. You will shoot yourself in the foot. I've not signed people with good books cause they drove me crazy.

I have a visceral dislike of people who email me with "do you like it" after a couple weeks. Since you did the confirmation thing, you know he's got it. He'll let you know.

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