email discrimination

Dear Miss Snark:
I'm an editor of a small newspaper in the midwest. I don't read or respond to email coming from hotmail.com. I don't feel that way about gmail or yahoo addressess, however.

Do literary agents discriminate against email domains in a similar way?


However, I do look at email NAMES. If your name is "2hot4words" at whatever dot com, I'm probably not likely to open your email.

Same if you put a subject heading along the lines of: this needs your attention.


James Goodman said...

If your name is "2hot4words" at whatever dot com, I'm probably not likely to open your email.

But I'm thinking "gclooney" at whatever dot com it will get at least a cursory glance. :D

Cheryl said...

WTF? Can someone please explain to me why a yahoo address would be more appealing than hotmail?

Those poor folks, sending their letters to the editor, never knowing that they signed up for the wrong free account at the public library.

Anonymous said...

What kind of maroon doesn't read or respond to Hotmail? I'm guessing that person will stay a small-town editor in the Midwest.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the questioner doesn't open hotmail messages? I have a thourough dislike for hotmail, but if the sender takes the time to save my response from the spam filter, I've got no problem with replying.

Why discriminate against the email domain?

rkcooke said...

I've been putting the name of my novel along with the word 'submission' in the subject heading of email queries.

Perhaps I should rethink the title "BDSM."

Claire said...

Maybe she's confusing "hotmail" with "hot male"?

Stacia said...

LOL, rkcooke. Depends on to whom you're submitting. :-)

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Bill E. Goat: So, Miss Snark wouldn't answer my email? What's wrong with HotestGoatGuy@goatworld.net? It's truthful, and it describes me accurately.

Me: Try, IntellectualGoat and don't use hotmail.

Bill E: How about ummmm GoatWriter? It's close to "ghost write." So, she'd answer that?

Me: Yap might. Or you could try "Writinggoatwholovespinktams."

Bill E.: Isn't that a bit long for an email address?

Me: There's always AngoraPassion.

Corn Dog said...

Hot mail had a horrendous security breach back in 1999. Granted, that was some years. If you care to read about it, simply google "hotmail" and "security breach. Since that time, I never touch the stuff either. I recommend yahoo for free email accounts.

Mindy Tarquini said...

Just popping in to tell Sha'el that she slays me.

She really does.

Mac said...

"What kind of maroon doesn't read or respond to Hotmail? I'm guessing that person will stay a small-town editor in the Midwest."

How many shades of maroon are there?

It might seem unfair that 'hotmail' has less credibility than 'gmail'.

But if someone enthusiastically tells you about an email they got from Nigeria telling them about a great opportunity .... what would your reaction be?

Yeah it's not fair. But Nigeria has a bad history for scam emails.

And Hotmail has a bad history too.

It's just a fact.


Anonymous said...

I've used hotmail for years and never had any problems with it. I find it much easier to use than any of the other free domains. I do get tired of hearing that I can't use that address to sign up for something. Now I'm hearing that some people won't even open my e-mails.
Yes, I have an e-mail address with my cable service, but I never use it.
Since I began submitting my writing, I've had three different Internet providers and I've moved twice. Hotmail enables me to keep the same address over the years. I have one account for friends, another account for writing, and another for geneaology. This way I never lose e-mail sent to an old address because someone forgot I moved.
Do some people assume I'm homeless? Or that I'm a no-account loser because I use hotmail? I don't know. I don't care. I don't think I want to do business with anyone who has such an unreasonable prejudice.

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