Get moving!

Dear Miss Snark,

I sent out about 6 query letters a few months ago for a non-fiction book I'm writing, and got a request for my proposal and sample chapters from an agent I think the world of. After I sent them she wrote to tell me she loved it, and then wrote again to ask for more time to think about it. She has some concern about my platform (or lack of it, actually), and says she needs some time to think out a plan for "finding a home" for me.

It has been almost 2 weeks since I've heard from her, and today I received a request for my proposal (from a query I sent out months ago) from another super agent who seems enthusiastic, too.

I do not want to rush Agent A because I know I would love working with her, but also do not want to miss the opportunity to work with Agent B if A decides against a contract with me.

Neither has asked for an exclusive, but I did stop querying others when Agent A expressed interest (I really adore her).
Other agents have asked to see it, too, but I haven't been tempted to send anything until today. What is the fair and smart thing to do here?

The fair and smart thing to do is GET OFF YOUR ASS and get to the post office. In fact, just read this blog on your Blackberry as you walk over. SEND your materials to B. Then send more query letters. DO NOT STOP until you have a contract in hand.

This is a business, it's not waiting for a boy to call for a Saturday night date. Besides, if you get 2 offers for representation (or more!) you're in a much better position to choose the best agent for you.

And there's a huge difference between "adoring an agent" and actually working with her. Lots of people think Miss Snark is the poodle's pajamas, but would be an atrocious fit for working with her. Even very nice people. Yanno, like you. Get cracking.


Anonymous said...

You know, Miss Snark, I think you've answered this question before - several times. What's with people thinking that just because one agent said they'd look at a ms it means the writer cannot send it to other agents? That's ridiculous. I'd send it to at least six agents and have a list of six more if I received a 'no' from the first six. Like you said, they should GET CRACKIN' until they have a contract in their sweaty hands!

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark ain't no hollaback girl.

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark didn't mention it, but if you one agent decides to work with you and you agree, it's polite and smart to inform the other agents you've found representation.