it's not paranoia when they really ARE talking about you

Yanno that odd feeling you get in the subway just before the guy next to you throws up on your shoes? That odd feeling right before an editor calls to say, "yanno, we had the deal memo all banged out but I'm moving to Rabbitania and they aren't going to do Snit Lit here anymore"? Yanno?

Well, yanno, I got that feeling tonight. It might be from reading my email and the links to Something Fell

Boy, once the curling competion at the Olympics is over, these Canadians really have a lot of time on their hands to write really amazing true crime stories.

(Thanks to quite a few people who also love her site for giving me the heads up)


Mindy Tarquini said...

I am sooooo on the phone to tell her...


WannabeMe said...

Oh my gawd. You took sweet innocent Killer Yapp in his pretty pink tam into grungy old JA's? You know the type of peeps that pollute that place?

Writers who can't spell, who refuse to include SASE's, and who hurls themselves into the jello pit with each rejection.


Just kidding. I'm buying the first round. What'll you have?

S. R. Hatcher said...

Let's all meet the P.S.'s at JA's bar.

Cheers E.A.!

Anonymous said...

Your "sweet innocent Killer Yapp" pounded back 40 ozs of tequila, PLUS the worm, and then did something unspeakable in the pit.

Miss Snark, if you really want to join me in the hot tub, hop on in, but be warned... right now it's full of Vikings.

WagerWitch said...

You need to visit Alaska.

That place sounds mild.

Maybe even classy.


Bernita said...

Read that and woke up the neighbourhood with hyena laughter in the middle of the night.
And the place got busted last week, too.

Mark said...

Yeah, it's no Chilkoot Charlie's that's for sure.

WagerWitch said...

No doubt.

Coot's is definetely fun - that is if you're into getting USDA choice prime beef stamped on you... or not, depending on your age. *g*

Personally I like Humpy's - or The Mecca or any quaint little Karaoke bar at any of the Chinese restaurants.

My favorite liquor place in all of Alaska has got to be The Grog Shop out of Homer. It isn't a bar, but talk about finding class and wine in the middle of deckhands and fish guts.

Ahhh... that felt good to talk about. :p